Are you tired of finding tenants? We offer guaranteed rent scheme for up to 5 years. Even if your Birmingham property is empty, you get paid every month!

If you’re a vendor or landlord tired of finding and dealing with tenants for your property, get in touch with Pluxa Property Ltd. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we’re the answer to all of your property letting issues. By offering guaranteed rent for up to five years and a refurbishment of your property if required, we’re able to provide a hassle-free service to clients across the West Midlands. We are are one of the most trusted rent guarantee company in birmingham.

There are no voids or maintenance works to worry about either, as we take care of it all. We keep your property in excellent condition and work to high standards to look after it professionally.

What is guaranteed rental income?

A guaranteed rent scheme is a proposal from property investment companies like ourself where we make sure that a property owner receives the best value in terms of rent and return on their investment. A Rent guarantee scheme offers more freedom & safety to the property owners as they do not to worry about finding tenants every 6 month, spending on advertisement or evicting none paying tenants.

This also means that landlords and owners have to worry less about keeping their property occupied as rent guarantee companies like ourselves will pay the rent via our investors even if the property is empty. Is it 100% safe? Yes, as long as you choose a right guaranteed rent scheme provider like ourselves and if you wish to find out more about what our guaranteed rent scheme mean & Pros & Cons of Guaranteed Rent in UK read our detailed blog on Guaranteed rent here.

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