Guaranteed Rent Income in Birmingham

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Are you looking for tenants for your Birmingham property?

Do you want a steady and guaranteed rental income for a fixed time?

Then choosing a guaranteed rent scheme in Birmingham can be a great option.

It can help you escape the hassles of maintaining your property, handling the tenants, and worrying about a fixed rental income from your property. 

But how do guaranteed rent schemes work in Birmingham?

How can you complete the guaranteed rent deals for landlords?

Let’s find out.

Guaranteed Rent Scheme in Birmingham for Landlords

A guaranteed rent scheme is a proposal from a third-party or professional property investment company where an external party ensures you receive the best value in terms of rent and a steady income flow. 

A rent guarantee scheme can offer you freedom and safety as you do not have to worry about finding tenants now and then, spending on marketing, or evicting non-paying tenants. 

Also, you’ll think less about getting your property occupied as a third-party or rent guarantee company will pay the rent even if the property is empty.

The renter also gets the freedom to further let the property to ideal tenants and maintain the property for a specifically agreed duration.

Birmingham is emerging as a hotspot in the rental industry so it’s a great opportunity for you to find the right guaranteed rental property company and rent out your property.

As long as you choose the top guaranteed rent scheme provider, there are no drawbacks you can face with Birmingham’s guaranteed rent.


Guaranteed Rent for Landlords in Birmingham City Centre

Guaranteed rent schemes for landlords in Birmingham’s city center are great opportunities to boost the rental income flow.

A professional, guaranteed rent company can use the property as an HMO or holiday let, short let, serviced accommodation, support accommodation, and social housing to attract the ideal tenants and provide you with rental income. 

Here’s how most third-party operators or guaranteed rent Birmingham companies work to attract property occupancy and generate an income source from your property:

  1. They work with corporates, local businesses, and hospitals to assist in housing their professional doctors (who do twelve to twenty-four-month rotations), employees, or professionals who pay per night and book the property in Birmingham for a week or a few.
  1. The rent-to-renter can short-let professional guests, workers, business travellers or leisure guests. They also look after the property and manage it with CCTV and sound monitoring alarms to prevent loud noise. 
  1. They can also handle international and national corporate clients working in Birmingham on short-term contracts for 2-5 months. The duration is too short for a standard tenancy and costly for hotel accommodation, so the guaranteed rental companies sublet your property for a specific period to corporate professionals.
  1. If required, the third-party or guaranteed rent company can turn your property into a luxurious home for professionals to live in. The stays can be at least for 6 or 12 months.
  1. Another strategy the guaranteed rent company can use is supported housing. They house tenants from the council and assist vulnerable adults and couples. The supported housing model includes homelessness hostels, long-term accommodation, and sheltered housing for people with ongoing support needs.

Choosing an ideal guaranteed rent provider company can be overwhelming. That’s where we at Pluxa Property come in.

How Can Pluxa Property Help You with Guaranteed Rent Scheme?

We can be guaranteed rent insurance for landlords compared to other agents in Birmingham.

You can choose Pluxa Property to get the best rental price for a guaranteed rent scheme for your property in Birmingham.

We can understand your requirements with years of experience helping landlords create stable rental income from their properties and escape the hassle of managing tenants.

Here’s what we offer:

  • A guaranteed regular rental income 
  • Get paid if your property is empty
  • You get paid even if the tenant’s rent is late or isn’t paid at all
  • No set-up fees, hidden extras, or monthly commissions
  • We deal with all the tenant’s questions, queries, and complaints
  • A guaranteed contract start date removes the worries about whether we find tenants
  • If ever needed, we can cover the court costs and the eviction process
  • Regular property maintenance and inspections management

We can help you escape the tension and troubles or rent your property and generate an income flow. We can ensure you can make a lot of money really fast with the help of a guaranteed rent scheme while associating with us.

Make a wise decision and accomplish your goals with our guaranteed rent property investment services.

Is it a good idea to live in Birmingham city center?

Yes, living in Birmingham’s city center is a great option as it offers everything you could want from a city while enjoying a moderate cost of living. The range of cultural attractions, nightlife, and other things is impressive. Also, Birmingham is expanding to attract people looking for an alternative to London. It means more venues and businesses will open up, which offers a great ecosystem for new residents. Birmingham is also a multicultural city. You can experience food and cultures from across the world. It can also transition into a new place, given that the locals are welcoming and friendly.

What are the downsides of living in Birmingham, UK?

Apart from the benefits of living in Birmingham, the city also has many drawbacks, like the public transport is not efficient. You can use the tram to visit the city center and buses or trains to reach the outer suburbs, but they are inconsistent and pricey. Also, the weather can be annoying as it rains a lot in Birmingham and can be quite cold if you live in a warmer place. 

Like many other cities in the United Kingdom, the traffic in Birmingham is a common issue. Also, Birmingham is among the most costly cities for car ownership, mostly because of the city’s hefty cost of a yearly resident’s parking permit.


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