How to Turn First-Timers into Repeat Visitors: A Short-Term Rental Guide

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Key takeaways:

  • Dive deep into exploring different ways to increase repeat visitors for short-term rentals, and save your time and energy in looking for new visitors.
  • Associate with professionals who can help you achieve your desired results and ensure you escape the hassle.

Are you looking to increase the retention of your new guests?

Attracting new visitors to your short-term rental property is not an easy task. 

You have to market, advertise your property, and ensure you deliver first-class customer service to ensure they have a complete experience during their short-term stay.

So you want to retain them for the long term, right?

Let’s find out the different ways that can help you increase repeat visitors for short-term rentals and ensure you can spend more time and energy to generate revenue.

Why Repeat Guests in Short-Term Rentals Are Important?

Acquiring new bookings can be a challenge across different industries, but once acquired, you have the opportunity to retain them for the long run.

Once a guest has stayed in your vacation rental or other short-term rental property, chances are they are comfortable with prices and house rules and trust your property.

So, you have the opportunity to build a strong bond with them and lower your marketing costs by retaining your previous guests.

Once you have done the hard of securing their booking, it’s time to build on this. So, here are the top ideas which you can use to encourage repeat booking for your holiday home.

6 Ways to Turn First-Timers into Repeat Visitors

There can be multiple ways which can help you turn your first-timers into repeat visitors, but we have discussed here the top ones:

Email Campaigns

You can run a professional email marketing campaign, which can be an effective approach to cultivating your customer loyalty. When guests stay at your property once, focus on acquiring their email addresses for future communications.

You should avoid bombarding them with frequent emails by keeping things in balance. You can include interesting local blog posts or special offers which can help you increase your bookings and also keep your previous guests engaged with your brand.

Use printed marketing

You can use your printed marketing material, which can be highly effective in increasing the recall value of your brand. You can get some high-quality business cards printed that guests can physically keep.

You can share your information, such as phone, website links, email, and social media, which can help your guests get in touch with you when they are visiting your city or area.

Online Discoverability

Your guest had a great time at your property, but they didn’t leave their email and also misplaced your business card.

So, how can you retain your guests?

Ensure your property is easy to find online so that your guests can search for your rental property themselves. 

Seek guest feedback

It’s highly important to actively seek out customer feedback and follow up with your guests about their overall staying experience. 

Appreciate their input and understand the key factors that you can improve to ensure you can deliver them a better experience the next time. You should be open to receiving positive and negative reviews as it can help you grow as a short-term rental property dealer.

You can follow up on the negative reviews privately, respond to them, and act on the feedback. Feedback can be a great way to keep the communication ongoing and ensure your guests can witness that you value their words.

Give a memorable experience

If you can deliver a truly unforgettable experience to your guests, then it can be the most powerful way of securing customer loyalty. For example, you can give your guests personalized greetings and gifts like fresh flowers, personal care packs, family-friendly puzzles, or local food and wine.

You can also add a unique element to your space by analysing what makes your rental stand out, whether it is the stunning natural location, local history, or beautiful interior design.

You can add different elements to your property which can improve the overall staying experience and help you retain your guests.

Give away special offers

You can offer your repeat customers a special discount or exclusive offer, which can ensure they know you appreciate their business. 

Send out emails or social media posts with these special offers, which can increase your repeat direct bookings. These discounts should be on direct bookings, which can help you avoid third-party commissions.

Apart from discounts or offers, you can include complimentary activities like spa days or concessions for local attractions.

Handling all these aspects can be challenging for you; that’s where you can associate with professionals who can help you avoid the hassle.

Retain Visitors with the Help of Pluxa Property

Our team of professionals works directly with vendors and landlords and understands their requirements to deliver tailored solutions. We can help you with property management and ensure you can attract the best possible returns from your short-term rental.

We can also help you expand your short-term rental portfolio and ensure you can get the best price in the UK. You can share your requirements with our representative, who can guide you through the process and ensure you achieve your investment goals with ease.

Get in touch with us now.


How do you maximize short term rental bookings?

There are multiple aspects that can help you maximise your short-term rental booking, but delivering a high-quality customer experience and engaging with existing and new customers can be the most effective ways.

Is the short-term rental business profitable?

Yes, short-term rental business can be profitable if you follow the right steps to retain your guests and slowly increase your clientele.


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