Pros & Cons of Guaranteed Rent Scheme for landlords in UK

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Guaranteed Rent Scheme is a contract in which a landlord gives the control and management of his property to a third party. This third party is the landlord’s tenant and it pays a fixed monthly rent to the landlord for a definite period. Guaranteed rent for landlords means Good monthly income & peace of mind. But everything comes with pros and cons. So is guaranteed rental income worth it? Let’s answer that question!

What is guaranteed rent?

The general idea of guaranteed rent is that a landlord looking to minimise stress and risk rents out to a letting agency at a fixed market value for a fixed period of time depending on both entities. We at Pluxa Property are confident enough to use our experience and expertise to achieve above-market value and thus pocket the profit and make it worthwhile. At Pluxa Property sourcing, we do this by investing in a property to upgrade or refurbish it, and we have examples of guarantees where we pay landlords up to £60,000 pa.

How does guaranteed rent work?

Being a landlord in the UK means having overwhelming responsibilities and tasks related to the properties which are stressful and consume a lot of precious time. Dealing with the tenants, taking care of finances, and maintenance work are all some of those stressful tasks.

How guaranteed rent scheme makes life easier for landlords in the UK?

The answer here is pretty obvious. Guaranteed rent is how landlords make matters convenient for themselves. Through the process of guaranteed rent, the owner of the property enters into a contract with a third party which can be a company, a council, or a person, who then becomes responsible for managing the property for the owner for a described period according to the contract.
The owner of the property allows the third party to sublet the property to other individuals while managing and taking responsibility for it. These responsibilities are matters like paying bills, finding tenants, and maintenance of the property. And most importantly, this third party will pay the owners of the property, a monthly rent.

  • This monthly rent is lower than the usual rent payments because the third party makes a profit on this rent too.

What is the key benefit of guaranteed rent for owners of the property?

Through the scheme of guaranteed rent, the property owners enjoy the financial benefits of renting without having to worry about managing and maintaining the property.

Are rent guarantee schemes worth it?

Yes, absolutely! You can see that the benefits of a guaranteed rent scheme are very significant and will make things so much easier for landlords who want to get their guaranteed rental income without having to worry about much. What you have to do, to ensure that the guaranteed rent contract that you enter is good for you, is to research and do a check-up on the third party. Check if they are competent enough to manage your property well for you. If they are, then you will enjoy the benefits of guaranteed rent in the UK.

Take a look at the major pros and cons of a guaranteed rent scheme

As there are advantages and disadvantages to everything, the scheme of guaranteed rent in the UK also has its pros and cons. Here are some significant pros and cons of guaranteed rent.

Pros of Guaranteed Rent scheme in the UK

  1. Timely & Fixed Guaranteed Payments:
    The most important advantage of guaranteed rent in the UK is that the third party is responsible for paying the property owner the timely rent. The owners don’t have to go chasing after the rent and get stressed up in the process. There is always rent guarantee insurance for tenants. A payment is sure to be received.
  2. No stress due to managing and maintaining the properties!
    One of the most beneficial advantages of a guaranteed rent scheme in the UK is that property owners don’t have to feel stressed out by spending a lot of their time managing and maintaining their property. All the inconveniences that might occur will be handled by a third party.
  3. No more utility costs for the property owners.
    The guaranteed rent scheme in the UK also has another great advantage for the owners of the property and that is: you don’t have to pay for the utility costs of the property anymore and get to save money! All the utility costs will be covered by the third party as it is a part of their responsibility.
  4. Taking care of the regulations is not the responsibility of the owner of the property.
    In the UK, when someone enters into a guaranteed rent contract, the owners of the property don’t have to worry about regulations concerns such as safety and health regulations. Taking care of these regulations becomes the job of the third party in the contract.

Cons of Guaranteed Rent scheme in the UK

  1. Lack of decision-making power.
    When you enter a guaranteed rent contract in the UK, you give up your decision-making power as well related to the property. For example, you don’t have the right to decide who gets to rent the property. You are limited for as long as the duration of the contract, which could be a very long time. This is a major disadvantage as it can result in substantial issues in the future for the property owner.
  2. Third-party scams.
    There are always property scams going around. You never know whether the third party with whom you are entering into a contract is legit or a scam. This is why we recommend that you analyze the third party properly before entering into a contract with them.
  3. Inconveniences in the property.
    You can have a perfect guaranteed rent contract but is your property perfect as well? The location and size and many other factors decide whether tenants will be attracted to your property by a third party or not. And this could also result in a scenario where undesirable people take up your property and end up ruining it which will only harm you in the long term.
  4. Poor management of your property.
    Assume that the third party who is responsible for managing and maintaining your property isn’t doing an efficient job. What happens then? If their management is not adequate, they will not perform the maintenance work properly and will end up damaging your property which will be a great disadvantage for the owners of the property.


We provided you with information about what guaranteed rent is and how it works in the UK. We also provided you with details on the pros and cons of the guaranteed rent scheme in the UK so, that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not. We hope that our article was of some help to you! If you think the pro outweighs the cons, then do contact us. We are the most trusted rent guarantee company in Birmingham. We offer a worry-free Guaranteed rent scheme in Birmingham. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest information about the UK property market.


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