Off-plan & New Build Apartments in the UK

Are you looking to invest in housing properties outside of the Netherlands? Do you want to generate a steady flow of rental income?

Investing in off-plan and new build apartments in the UK can help you achieve your desired financial stability. We at Pluxa Property can help minimize the hassles associated with investing in property in the UK.

With a wide range of investment options available for newly built properties in the UK, you can bypass the slow growth of the Netherlands housing market. Share your requirements with our experts to get tailored investment solutions.

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Properties for Sale in the UK

The UK is one of Europe’s most lucrative property investment markets. With great tourist attractions and a hub for multiple corporate companies, this country offers the best opportunities for property investors to get good returns on their investments.

With the assistance of Pluxa Property, you can invest in your preferred location and property type in the UK. We have a solid network of property experts, builders, and property dealers to help simplify the foreign investment process for you. We can offer tailored solutions for your unique new-build house in the UK.

Why Purchase Apartments for Sale in the UK Instead of the Netherlands?

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the growth of housing prices is slowing down. Because of rising mortgage rates, a slow start to 2022, and new left-wing government plans, the housing market in the Netherlands is suffering.

The new regulations drive $12 billion in investments away from Amsterdam, which is a big problem if you are considering investing in your country’s property market. So, UK new-build apartments can be a great choice for achieving your desired financial return. You can also generate a steady flow of income once your property is constructed by letting it out to tenants. We at Pluxa Property can handle your end-to-end foreign investment in the UK market and help minimize any potential problems which may arise.

Choose Pluxa Property Sourcing as Your Property Investment Company

Associating with a professional property investment company like Pluxa Property can help minimize any troubles and risks that come with investing in a foreign land. We can help simplify the investment processes in the UK, therefore guaranteeing you achieve your financial targets and earn a great ROI that won’t be possible in the Netherlands. From legal documentation to helping you plan your foreign investment strategy, we can handle everything for you.

Why Do We Stand Out?

Our dedication and commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience as well as real results help us stand out above the others. We offer tailored and highly effective investment deals to help you achieve your financial goals.

Tailored solutions

Our flexible approach provides customized new-house investment deals which can help you earn high returns. We can also help you to implement an excellent property investment strategy.

Highly responsive

We’ll ensure minimal response times to your requests and deliver a quality customer experience. Our support team is available 24/7 to address your queries

Safe and secure investment

We’ll ensure your new apartment or property investment is safe and secure. We’ll also maintain complete transparency with you to avoid miscommunication

Our highly responsive support team will provide tailored solutions to any questions you may have about investing in UK housing.

Frequently asked questions

The UK offers positive signs of higher ROI on new apartments and houses. By associating with professional property experts, you can strategize your investment and outsource the time-consuming and often hectic foreign property investment processes.

Investing in UK new-build apartments and houses is a better option because the future growth opportunities offered in the UK are far better than those currently offered in the Netherlands. The Netherlands’ new policies and slow recovery post-pandemic can hinder your financial goals.

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