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As we approach 2023, the decision you make regarding your investment should always be considered wisely. As far as investments are concerned, buy-to-let properties in Birmingham are one of the most worthwhile investments to consider. 

Birmingham is the second largest city in England, and Birmingham has a population of about 1.1 million and a rapidly developing economy. 

Although Birmingham may not be the best city in terms of property prices, it is a close second to London. As a result, Birmingham property is likely to cost a lot less than London property, which makes it very attractive to investors looking to purchase property here.

For you to make the most money, we have listed the best places to buy to let in Birmingham.

Key takeaways :

  • Birmingham is predicted to be one of the 25 best housing markets in the country.
  • Renters occupy most households in popular communities such as Highland Park and Forest Park.
  • Investors can enjoy investing in popular places in Birmingham to get the most out of their investments.

Five popular areas one should look to invest in Birmingham for Buy to Let property

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It is a fact that Birmingham provides property investments to suit investors of all types, regardless of their level of experience, and property type, such as apartments in city centers, terraces, and detached and semi-detached homes.

Here we will look at some of the best places to buy to let in the UK, as well as the prices and what sort of rental yields you may receive from the properties you purchase.

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Birmingham city centre

Throughout the UK, Birmingham has seen tremendous growth in the population of its city centre. Birmingham city centre is home to many apartments in converted warehouses and new builds that have caught the eye of professionals looking to enjoy the dining, shopping, nightlife, and leisure facilities in Birmingham’s city centre.

As always, brand-new properties come with a price premium, meaning obtaining good rental yields is more complicated. It is also believed that an oversupply of apartments is available for rent in Birmingham’s city centre, making it the best place to buy a buy-to-let property.

Jewellery Quarter

Jewellery Quarter is one of the best places for buy to let in Birmingham for most historic and scenic neighbourhoods outside the ring road’s northwest edge ( commonly referred to as the Middleway).

A stunning region with a rich history, the Jewellery Quarter is one of the fascinating regions of London for investment. Among the many reasons why townhouses, modern apartment blocks, and period conversions are so popular with a high number of young professionals because it is near the city centre, it has a thriving food and drink scene and modern apartments, period conversions, and townhouses of high quality.


Digbeth is ranked higher as the best place in the UK to buy to let and is located in the famed Digbeth neighbourhood, which was named the ‘coolest’ neighbourhood ever by The Sunday Times.

Digbeth, located within a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, is a vibrant neighbourhood filled with artisan-focused bars, restaurants, pop-up stalls, cultural spaces, digital businesses, and many independent and independent businesses. It has been restored lovingly to create a new and vibrant community built on the site of old warehouses and workshops, and there are also plans to open an HS2 station nearby shortly.

Due to the high demand for rental property, the area’s property market remains fast-growing, which results in excellent buy-to-let yields.

Aston and Nechells

The Aston and Nechells sites are just north of Birmingham’s city centre, making them easy to find. Located in the inner city, both of these areas have a high number of HMOs and shared housing units. Located near Aston University, Aston is a popular destination for university students.

These two areas tend to be more crime-ridden than the average, but if you are an experienced landlord looking for a cheap place to invest, you will find that Nechells offers slightly higher yields at up to 9%, while Aston offers 5% thanks to lower asking prices.

Quinton, Smethwick, and Oldbury

It is well known that the suburbs on the outskirts of Birmingham, which are situated just off the M5, are solid investments. The investment returns are good in Oldbury, Smethwick and Quinton, even though they may not be as trendy as Moseley and Digbeth.

Many residents in Quinton have been living here for a long time, and it is one of the safest areas of Birmingham making it an ideal place to invest for new investors. There is around a 4% yield on this investment.


When it comes to buy-to-let property, Birmingham is an excellent place to invest in. In Birmingham, the level of demand and the selection of available properties to landlords are two of the most important reasons for investing in a buy-to-let property. Interested in investing wisely? Pluxa Property will assist you in finding the right investment solution to meet your needs.

A property investment company like ours with years of experience feels the need to put in the effort and is dedicated to meeting your requirements.

Our top priority is to find the perfect property to match your needs, and we strive to make the best possible deal for you.


Where can I buy a buy-to-let in Birmingham?

Birmingham offers several lucrative areas for property investment. Some of these areas are Selly Oak, Birmingham city centre, Jewellery Quarter, Perry Barr, Moseley and Edgbaston. In each area, various housing options are available, such as build-to-rent, buy-to-let, and social housing.

Is Birmingham a good place to invest in property?

A Birmingham investment property will cost an investor between $80,000 and $100,000 in the Birmingham real estate market, which is a thriving real estate market. New investors and anyone looking for a steady monthly rental income can take advantage of it, as it’s a great place to start.

What are the nicest suburbs of Birmingham?

As one of Birmingham’s more affluent suburbs, Edgbaston has always been prestigious. The area has various attractions, making it one of the city’s most popular residential areas.


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