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Despite a challenging property market for the past few years, Weymouth has continued to be one of the most substantial towns in the region. Hence, investors who buy properties in the town seek them out.

If property owner is concerned about whether they will still be able to pay their mortgage payments, that is one of their biggest worries. You can count on your rental property to generate consistent revenue (regardless of market conditions).

This article will cover renting houses for guaranteed rent in Weymouth. Here, you will get to know: is guaranteed rent worth it?

Key takeaways : 

  • Some areas require a permit before residential properties can serve as rental properties.
  • If anything needs to be updated, replace it with something clean and freshly painted.
  • You may hire a property management company as a property investor.

What Is Guaranteed Rent?

The concept of guaranteed rent is a way of renting a property where the tenant is bound by an agreement to pay a certain amount of rent every month, regardless of whether the property is vacant or occupied. Having a fixed income every month means you can pay your mortgage without worrying about how much money you will have each month.

Benefits of houses for Guaranteed Rent in Weymouth

Don’t limit yourself to the size and location of your property

One of the most crucial benefits of guaranteed rent is you won’t have to be concerned about the size and location of the property. No matter your property’s size or location, you will receive a monthly payment and make sure that it is received on time. This scheme keeps your property’s financial inflow consistent regardless of whether it’s leased or empty.

Payments are made quickly

Another crucial benefit of guaranteed rent in Weymount is that you don’t have trouble yourself with the payments. If you sign up for a guaranteed rent plan, your first payment may arrive within 24 hours of registering. It is unnecessary to wait for the renters to arrive so they can take up residence in your house and begin paying your rent. This plan will allow you to receive a monthly payment for the lease period. You can earn rental revenue once you sign up for the scheme.

No need for a property manager 

In all business dealings, reputable companies maintain transparency. As an investor, you will never have to worry about hidden fees, such as a setup or tenant placement fee. The fact that having a guaranteed rent program in your possession will allow property investors to save considerable amounts of money is without a doubt. As far as property investors are concerned, this is nothing short of a win-win situation for them.

A rental agreement

Most service providers use a team of skilled professionals who ensure that a customer’s property is rented at the highest possible rental rate by working with a team of professionals. 

These businesses will charge you based on the rent on your property. Consequently, they work diligently to ensure that your property is renting for the highest possible rent.

Tenant-direct deals are not available

If you decide to rent through a guaranteed rental company, you will not have to deal with tenants at all, and the company will handle all viewings on your behalf. Not undergoing a lengthy background check will save you time and energy. To guarantee the rent, the corporation will handle the actual renting process during the rental process.

There will be no pauses or vacancies

Whether you own an unoccupied or occupied property, you will receive guaranteed rent without delay. You will never be concerned with blanks or empty periods in your payment schedule because you will still be paid regularly. This method will allow you to earn money monthly.

Regular inspections

Maintaining your rental property is essential. Almost every house managed by a company that would provide a guaranteed tenant rent plan is routinely checked by a maintenance department. Additionally, they examine the renters to see if they adhere to the tenancy agreement and take care of your property as per your instructions.

Property tax-free

Several organizations that offer guaranteed rent schemes strive to make the entire process of renting a residence much easier for renters and tenants through the use of these schemes. Tenants are responsible for paying the electric bill and the property taxes. Additionally, they track how much time has passed between each payment and whether or not it was made on time. As a result of property investors’ rental properties, they are trying to make money from it.



A guaranteed rent plan is an excellent investment option for property investors for various reasons that must be considered. You should evaluate all the above factors to obtain a guaranteed rent package with guaranteed rent agents’ assistance. Pluxa Property company is at your disposal to ensure you understand every aspect of guaranteed rent. 

We have top-of-line guaranteed rent agents to ensure your guaranteed rent investment is handled professionally and safely.

With Pluxa Property, you can make smart property investments and get the best deals.

With our sourcing and consulting expertise, we can assist you in finding high-quality properties to invest in.


How to select a property-sourcing listing agent in Weymouth?

Choose a sourcing agent who can provide authentic referrals from other companies. Ensure you take the time to talk to these references and check their websites to verify their validity. Look into the sourcing agent’s experience and quality. Get their opinion on the sourcing agent.

Do I need a property license in Weymouth?

As a private landlord or managing agent in Weymouth, you must have a license if you make shared accommodation available to 5 or more unrelated individuals (mandatory licensing scheme).


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