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Top 5 Best cities in UK to invest in property (2021)

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Planning to invest in property in UK ? Here are 5 locations around the UK that are the most lucrative property investments hotspots in 2021. The property market in the UK has reached a record high sales and yields witnessed over the last 16 years all while dreading the impact of coronavirus and Brexit over the first few months of lockdown. 

While it may have hit a small slump, in the beginning, it quickly recovered with the help of the Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday introduced by the government.  

All around the country, property prices kept building up tremendous momentum and shattering expectations and it is not expected to slow down anytime soon.  

Top 5 Best cities in UK to invest in property


1). Birmingham 

Birmingham’s Big City Project is seeing a lot of schemes come to fruition and with the Commonwealth Games planned in 2022 and the High-Speed Rail 2 in the works, Birmingham is seeing its highest demand making it the most sort after location to invest in property.

The average property price is currently at £202,162 with an average rental yield of 5.4%, a 30% growth in the last 10 years, and an expected 14.2% growth predicted in the next 5 years.  
2) .Manchester 

Manchester has had robust economic growth owing to global businesses like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft investing in the city by setting up offices.

This has attracted a lot of young professionals to the city thereby driving the average house prices to £242,311 currently with an average yield of 5.37%.

The yield is expected to increase by 15.76% in the next five years, making it a competition for the second city status and an ideal location to invest in property.
3). Liverpool 

With Liverpool’s Water Schemes estimated to create 17,000 new jobs, Liverpool is gearing up to reinvent itself. Places like the Baltic Triangle and Royal Liverpool University Hospital have had a rental yield of 8.1% and 10% respectively.

While not being on par with Birmingham or Manchester, Liverpool is affordable with an average price currently at £186,527 and an average rental yield of 5.30% and is expected to have a yield of 8.45% in the next five years.   
4). Nottingham 

With an average price of £214,435, an average rental yield of 4.66% and, an estimated price growth in five years at 16.92%, Nottingham has considered a sleeper hit in the UK property market because of its steady yields and consistent and long-term yield growth.

Although that has changed since the lockdown, it still has affordability with an earnest promise of yield growth after the lockdown is lifted. 
5). Bracknell 

Being home to global tech businesses like Google, Dell, and 3M, Bracknell has had significant growth while also being under a £770 Million city regeneration.

As London was hit the hardest with record low demand from tenants and buyers, Bracknell was the next best spot for people to flock to, being only an hour away.

The average price is currently at £383,788 with the average rental yield being 3.98% and the price growth in five years is estimated to be 11.02%.  

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