How to Choose the Best Location for Property Investment?

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Inventing a property can be overwhelming because of the rising investment options in the United Kingdom. But UK property investment is the best opportunity for you to earn great money or generate a decent rental income flow.

The prices of UK houses have risen by 10.9% compared to the last year, and there are multiple property investment opportunities for you to explore.

But where to invest in property?

What is the best location to invest in property?

What are the different factors for filtering the best property investment locations?

We’ll discuss it all. So, without further ado, let’s get the learning started. 


How to Choose the Best Location in the Buy-To-Let Market?

When choosing a buy-to-let property, you must control your head to take over your heart. The buy-to-let market can be complex for many property investors, so you must take different steps with proper calculations. 

Here are a few basic tips for your buy-to-let property investment in the UK.


You should ensure the costs of your property investment is less than the rental yield. Focus on calculating your budget effectively and ensure you consider factors like insurance, agency fees, the costs of buying, etc., before making the transaction.

2.Rental Yield

Check the prospect the property holds for your investment. Use professional rental index calculators for different software to get the pitch-perfect estimate for your investment property rental yield.

3.Research For Potential Tenants

Purchase a property with easy access to basic facilities and affordable living space to attract tenants. It can increase the demand for your property, which can help you increase the rental yield.

4.Research for property investment UK Company

You can skip the hectic process and hire the best property investment company to handle your property investment search. You can get the best investment support from Pluxa Property and minimise the time and effort required for filtering the best locations for property investments.

You will often find that different small buy-to-let properties in decent areas are a great buy than large properties in poorer areas. This happens because different popular areas tend to generate better tenant demand and rental levels, meaning void periods will be minimal.

Now the basics of choosing the best location for your buy-to-let market are clear, it’s time to understand other important factors. 

What about Local Crime Statistics?

Ensure that the location for your property investment is not suffering from a high crime rate. Consider going around and digging deep into local crime statistics for more clarity. 

The area suffers a high crime rate if the local shops are fitted with heavy steel shutters.

You can check the Police Service–Crime Mapping and the Office for National Statistics websites to get accurate crime figures for a particular area.

Spotting Up-And-Coming Areas

You should spot up-and-coming property areas if you want big capital gains from your buy-to-let property investment. It can be a great option to purchase a property below market value at the outset.

If the area is new or located near an expensive area where the supply is higher than the demand, you can invest in a buy-to-let property in adjacent areas or look for suitable alternatives. 

The property may seem quite rundown, but it can offer good quality and more affordability.

The alternative investment zones will share the same transport links with the expensive areas and may be in the catchment area of great schools.

Spotting and purchasing such up-and-coming areas early on is great for a prospective buy-to-let property investor and helps increase the ROI over the years.

How Good Are the Local Amenities?

You should also check the availability of local transport and schools to examine local amenities.

You can access the informative league tables for local schools by visiting the UK Department for Education website to get more detailed information.

Renters and property investors avoid purchasing properties on busy roads, under flight paths, near busy railway lines, near industrial areas, etc., so ensure the local environment is great for your property investment. 

Having nearby shops, bars, restaurants, good schools, and transport facilities can help to increase the ROI of your investment. 

Once you have checked the nitty-gritty aspects of your investment, you can proceed with the investment process. 

buy to let tips

Summing It Up

Choosing the best location for property investment requires great understanding and knowledge. Now that you know the basics for property investment in the UK, it’s time you execute the process.

You can also hire or research a local agent to streamline your investment process and minimise the complexities.

If you want the best property investment support, you can choose Pluxa Property to avail the best deals in the United Kingdom for buy-to-let properties. 

With over years of experience in assisting different investors and being one of the property investment companies, we have solved the property management issues of our clients.
Make a wise decision and unlock great financial success for your buy-to-let property investment in the UK with our property investment company.


How to start a property investment?

You can research different details about the property, like crime rate, local amenities, future ROI predictions, and other important factors. Then, ensure that the property investment aligns with your investment budget to avoid future inconvenience. You can also hire a property investment company like P&A Property Sourcing to handle the filtration of the best location for property investment.

Is property still a good investment?

Yes, investing in a property is a great investment because of the rising demand in the country and the future return predictions. You can unlock great investment results by choosing a decent buy-to-let property compared to other investment options.

What is a property investment company?

A property investment company has a team of professionals to handle your investment research, price negotiation, paperwork, and other factors. Consult them to minimise your efforts and get the best investment deals. It can help you get the best investment return with minimal risk.


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