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A serviced apartment is a kind of furnished rental home that may be rented out for short or long-term visits. 

It has services similar to those found in hotels, including housekeeping, concierge services, access to health centres and gyms, a laundry room, a recreation area, and even room service.

Additionally, most serviced apartments have Wi-Fi, fully furnished kitchens, and in-unit washers and dryers. In general, serviced apartments have the same amenities as a typical hotel but with more room to move around, greater convenience, and a homey atmosphere.

Since the future of serviced apartments looks bright, it is good for investment purposes. If you want to learn more about rent-to-serviced accommodation, Birmingham-serviced apartments, and more, continue reading.  


Trendy Birmingham Serviced Apartments

Serviced accommodation in Birmingham is all the rage now, owing to the high number of tourists. There are plenty of reasons for the rapid increase in the tourist count including fast growth, canal networks, music venues, historical monuments, shopping places, sports teams, and more. 

Tourists visiting Birmingham prefer staying in trendy apartments to hotels for the following reasons: 

1. More Space

Serviced apartments in Birmingham have separate living, sleeping, and dining areas, providing more space than hotel rooms. If you’re travelling with a large group of people or simply need more room to spread out and unwind, it’s ideal.

2. Well-equipped kitchen

If you rarely eat out, you may prepare your meals in Birmingham’s serviced apartments’ fully equipped kitchen. It’s a great method to save money and eat better when travelling.

3. Comfort of home

Birmingham-based serviced apartments typically include all the amenities required for a pleasant experience, such as a fully functional kitchen, high-quality furniture, and laundry facilities. It implies that you can benefit from all the comforts of home while travelling.

4. No-hidden costs

If you’re travelling for a long time, serviced apartments in Birmingham can be more economical than hotel rooms. It can significantly reduce your overall travel costs. Additionally, serviced flats have no additional costs or hidden fees. 

Serviced Apartments and Corporate Housing in Birmingham, UK

It is common for business travellers to look for rent to serviced accommodation in the UK. They prefer corporate housing because it offers them a home-like feeling away from home.

For the uninitiated, corporate housing is a specific short-term rental category created with business travellers in mind. It bridges the gap between a short-term renter prepared to sign a rent-to-rent serviced accommodation contract for a year or two and a vacationer who might just need a rental space for a few weeks. 

A typical apartment’s amenities, including a separate living and kitchen area, are available in a corporate flat. An average hotel room is 325 square feet, smaller than a normal business apartment, which is often much bigger than this. In addition to typical apartments, corporate housing options in Birmingham include single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums.

In addition to regular apartments, many apartment complexes in Birmingham also provide corporate units. It enables the renter of a corporate apartment to take advantage of all the facilities enjoyed by long-term residents, such as on-site gyms, clubhouses, business centres, swimming pools, and barbecue areas.


Why Offer Serviced Accommodation in Birmingham?

Rent to serviced accommodation has recently gained great popularity throughout the UK. As more and more people travel to Birmingham for work and travel, you can maximise your profits by grabbing great rent-to-serviced accommodation deals. 

Here are some other reasons why offering serviced accommodation in Birmingham is a great option:

1. No hassle of dealing with tenants

Sometimes, despite conducting several screening tests, you might get bad tenants. A poor tenant might refuse to pay rent, cause damage to your property, and refrain from vacating it. 

You can easily avoid these hassles by offering your apartment to travellers for a short term. When you let your apartment to property investment and sourcing firm, they ensure you receive the agreed amount on time without fail. 

Moreover, they also look after your property’s upkeep and ensure no wear and tear. With plenty of property investment agencies in Birmingham offering decent compensation to landlords, offering serviced accommodation in Birmingham is a great option. 

2. Increased Profits

You cannot increase the rent manifold in the case of long-term tenants. You must abide by the rental contract, where the hike percentage is usually fixed. Tenants planning to live long-term will never agree to pay the same amount as travellers who plan on staying only for a few weeks. 

Therefore, providing serviced apartments to corporate and regular travellers helps you maximise your profit margins. People may argue that long-term tenants pay less but provide a regular source of income. 

However, in a city like Birmingham, which witnesses a huge tourist inflow, serviced apartments can provide you with a regular source of income. Moreover, you can contact a property investment company and sign up for the guaranteed rent scheme to receive regular payments even when your property remains unoccupied.    

Pluxa Property to Your Rescue 

Birmingham is the best area to invest money because of the low property costs and high profits. Even if you do not understand much about the Birmingham real estate industry, we can still assist you in increasing your wealth and making money.

Whether you want to offer serviced apartments in Birmingham long-term or short-term, Pluxa Property has got you covered. We offer a plethora of services, including property sourcing, rent-to-serviced accommodation, BRRR investment, and more. 

Get in touch with us to avail the best property investment deals in Birmingham!


Can tourists rent a flat in the UK on a tourist visa?

Yes, tourists can rent a flat in the UK on a tourist visa, but for the short term.

How much does one need to live well in Birmingham?

You will probably need approximately £652.92 to live well in Birmingham.

What is it like to live in Birmingham, UK?

It’s great living in Birmingham, UK, because of the low crime rates, plenty of educational and job opportunities, and many cuisines and places to visit.


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