BRRR vs. Traditional Buy to Let: Understanding the Differences and Similarities

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Key takeaways:

  • A complete guide to knowing the difference between BRRR vs. traditional buy-to-let property investment strategy. 
  • Associate with professionals who can help you make the right investment decision based on your requirements.

Are you considering investing in a real estate property?

Are you confused about choosing between BRRR and a traditional buy-to-let investment strategy?

Since both are preferred real estate investment strategies in the UK, it can become overwhelming to choose one for your next investment.

Don’t worry.

By understanding the pros and cons of BRRR and traditional buy-to-let, you’ll get a brief idea of which property strategy is ideal for you.

Let’s get started.

Similarities and Differences Between BRRR and Traditional Buy-to-Let

Before we explore the pros and cons, let’s understand the basics of the two investment strategies: 

BRRR Strategy

Choosing the BRRR method means purchasing a property not in an ideal living condition. 

Then you renovate and add value to the property before renting it out for a stable income flow. Once done, you can refinance the mortgage and book your initial investment to repeat the entire process with a new property. 

That’s where you add another ‘R’ in the ‘BRRR’

If you have in-depth knowledge of BRRRR strategy, you can recycle your capital and build a portfolio of cash-flowing properties.

Traditional Buy-to-Let Strategy

If you choose a traditional buy-to-let strategy, you purchase the property and rent it out for a specific period. You can also flip the property for a profit and achieve your desired investment goals with finesse. 

Whether you want immediate returns or to generate a steady income for the long term without getting into the hassle of renovation, you can choose buy-to-let strategy.

Now let’s explore the pros and cons of both strategies:

Pros of BRRR

High ROI

    You can get a high ROI with a BRRR investment strategy. 

    But how?

    If you follow the process consciously, then you can fix distressed properties with limited cash investment to rent them out. Once you complete the renting out, you can generate a steady income flow. 

    If you want to increase the cash flow, you can add refinance to your strategy and repeat the concept for other new properties.

    Better scalability

      BRRR can assist you scale your real estate business quickly and easily. You can begin with very little investment and slowly increase your portfolio value and the number of investments.

      You can also associate with professionals who can assist you in managing your portfolio and ensure you remain net positive with your cash flow for desired results.

      Increase your equity and rental portfolio

        Using the BRRR strategy, you can build a steadily growing rental portfolio from a single purchase and repair investment. 

        Isn’t it great?

        Once you ace your first investment process and then increase your equity, you will build a secure, long-term source of wealth for yourself.

        Cons of BRRR

        You can’t go gung-ho with BRRR seeing the lucrative opportunities it offers you from the outside. To achieve your desired results, you must understand real estate valuations and renovation costs. 

        A simple mistake in forecasting after-repair values (ARVs) can result in you being stuck with a mortgage that’s higher than the property’s worth.

        If we boil it down, you have a higher risk with the renovation aspect of the strategy. 

        Another major con of BRRR strategy is that you may find it difficult to secure financing. If you have limited credit history or high debt-to-income ratio, then there are limited chances of funds approval from reputed financial institutions. 

        Pros of Traditional Buy-to-Let

        Less risk

          Compared to the BRRR strategy, there is less dependence on the renovation aspect, which reduces the risk involved in traditional buy-to-let. You can purchase a fully renovated house and directly rent it out to avoid the hassle.

          If you want to sell the property for a profit after the purchase, you can complete the transaction smoothly and invest in a new property based on your goals. 

          Simpler process

            Traditional buy-to-let property does not involve many complications and multiple steps. Compared to finding, renovating, and refinancing properties, you can easily complete the investment process and generate a steady income flow.

            Faster cashflow

              A ready-to-rent property can generate quick income based on your approach. You don’t have to waste your time and energy going through multiple layers of hard work.

              As your property will be in good condition, it will attract more prospective tenants and you can retain them for the long term.

              Cons of Traditional Buy-to-Let

              Traditional buy-to-let investments have limitations. Without the ability to refinance and recover your invested capital, it will be difficult for you to acquire more properties. 


              Because of limited access to funds, you may experience slower wealth growth.

              Now that you know the pros and cons of both strategies, choosing one can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right assistance. 

              So, if you want the best property investment guidance, you can choose Pluxa Property

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              Based on your budget and requirements, we offer the best deals in the United Kingdom on BRRR and buy-to-let properties. We have over 10 years of experience helping investors and landlords solve their property management issues.

              Our professional team understands how to use an investment strategy to deliver you a positive cash flow. 

              So, what’s making you wait?

              Make a wise decision to buy a house to rent and achieve the desired financial success for your property investment.


              What are the cons of the BRRR method?

              BRRR involves higher risks because you must accurately value your real estate and renovation costs. Also, securing financing can be challenging with a limited credit history or a high debt-to-income ratio.


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