5 Top Risks of BRRRR Investing and Flipping Houses

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The international real estate rental market was valued at $2,396.61 billion in 2022. Real estate investing can be an excellent way to build wealth and generate passive income. 

However, you know the risk is involved as an investor, right? 

Even if you choose a popular, profitable investment strategy like BRRRR and house flipping. 

What are the multiple pitfalls that you should know before investing? 

How can you safeguard your investment and achieve your financial goals?

Let’s explore the top five risks of BRRRR investing and flipping houses to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

5 Risks of BRRRR Investing and Flipping Houses

While using the BRRRR method, you must ensure you don’t commit common investment mistakes that might hinder your income growth rate. 

So here are the top risks of BRRRR investing.

  1. Unexpected expenses 

Encountering unexpected expenses can be the most significant risk of BRRRR investing and flipping houses. The renovation costs can quickly increase, and if you encounter problems like plumbing or electrical issues, it will hinder your budget.

Your profits might get eaten away, and you might think that BRRRR investing is not what you anticipated.

  1. Market fluctuations 

Unlike any other market, the real estate ecosystem consistently changes. But a quick downturn in the market can be a financial nightmare for you.

You don’t want that, right?

Being unprepared regarding market fluctuations can hinder your financial goals, and you might end up with a property worth less than what you paid.

  1. Difficulty finding buyers or tenants 

You also might find it challenging to find buyers or tenants with BRRRR investing and flipping houses. Irrespective of the strategy you want to comply with, you must find a buyer or tenant willing to pay your asking price.

You can suffer financial losses if you fail to find a potential tenant or buyer. 

But you don’t need to worry about these hassles if you choose a guaranteed rent investment scheme.

  1. Inexperienced or unreliable contractors

Do you have experience in the construction industry?

If yes, you don’t need to worry about the renovation challenges. 

But if you still need to, you must hire contractors to help you renovate. 

That’s where your problem might arise. Unfortunately, choosing an inexperienced or unreliable contractor can result in significant delays and cost overruns, impacting your profits.

  1. Legal issues 

Finally, BRRRR investing and flipping houses might have legal risks, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Also, your reputation as an investor can hinder because if you face any legal action, you won’t get the permits for your renovations. You might get restricted from disclosing the issues with the potential tenants or buyers, which can create further complications if they find out.

These risks with BRRRR investing and flipping houses cause financial complications. So, here are a few specific ways you can bypass these risks.


How Can Pluxa Property Help Mitigate These Risks?

Mitigating the risks of BRRRR investing and flipping houses requires in-depth planning and execution. Here are some steps that can help you improve your results:

  1. Conduct thorough due diligence 

Inspecting and researching the property where you want to invest is essential.

Well, it can provide you with double the benefits.


Setting up a strong foundation with proper research can identify potential issues with the property and help you ensure you invest in an area with great rental or sales demand.

  1. Create a detailed budget

Focus on creating a suitable budget that includes all renovation costs and a contingency fund for unexpected expenses.

It is important to have a contingency fund because unexpected costs may arise during rehab or once you rent your property. 

  1. Hire experienced and reliable contractors

You must associate with an experienced and reliable contractor with a splendid track record of completing projects within specific budgets and time.

  1. Maintain open communication with contractors and tenants/buyers

Focus on communicating seamlessly with contractors to stay on track with the project completion. 

Also, maintain open communication with buyers and tenants to address their issues to avoid further complications. 

  1. Work with a reputable property sourcing company

You can associate with leading property sourcing companies like Pluxa Property to mitigate multiple risks associated with BRRRR investing and flipping houses. 

We at Pluxa Property have an expert team that can help find properties with strong potential for rental income or resale value. Our team can also help you conduct due diligence and negotiate favorable terms with sellers.

Working with us can help you save time, minimize risk, and boost your chances of success in BRRRR investing and flipping houses. 

We at Pluxa Property services can help you find better rental property investment decisions and maximize the results of the BRRRR investment strategy.

Want to know more? Here are some investment-related videos to address your doubts and queries.

Navigate the complexities of the real estate market and spot properties that meet your investment goals. Contact our team now.


Can you earn millions by flipping homes?

Flipping homes focuses on purchasing a property at a low price, renovating it, and then selling it for a higher price, to generate a decent profit. So, it’s possible to earn millions by flipping homes, but you should have the knowledge and expertise to mitigate the risk involved.

What percentage of house flips fail and why?

The percentage of house flips that fail can vary depending on factors like the local real estate market conditions, the level of competition, the skill and experience of the flipper, and the type and extent of renovations or repairs required. 

Generally, industry estimates suggest that between 10% and 30% of house, flips fail. There are several reasons why house flips can fail, like :

1. Overpaying for the property
2. Poor planning
3. Unexpected repairs or problems
4. Slow market conditions
5. Competition
6. Financing issues


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