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Today, almost every investor dreams of making their dream real estate investment. According to the reports, the property price in the UK will likely rise from 2022-2027. 

Whenever it comes to real estate investing, you’ve probably heard about the BRRRR method. Real estate investments using this method are among the most cost-effective. 

As opposed to an ordinary investment method, such as buying at a low and selling at a high, this one has a little more to it than that. The BRRRR method focuses on acquiring properties in poor condition and fixing them before investing in them. 

It’s better to rent the properties out rather than resell them to earn a profit, which you can use to fund your next purchase. This builds equity while earning income.

Read the article to understand real estate investment better using the BRRRR property method.


How to Use the BRRRR Method to Buy Rentals With Less Money?

The BRRRR method with no money goes through 5 step-by-step processes. In line with its name, BRRRR is an acronym for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat. Each step should be executed smartly to be profitable and then repeated within the next cycle. Now let’s look at how they work together.


The first step of the BRRRR method starts with buying. The BRRRR strategy in the UK emphasizes buying distressed properties. There are a lot of cases where these homes have been foreclosed on, repossessed, and are in a very poor state of repair. 

You may have difficulty getting financing for one of these houses. The house must be in livable condition to qualify for a conventional mortgage. You might have to put down 30% or more, depending on its condition.

Consider a property’s after-repair value (ARV) before making an offer. The ARV calculation can help determine how much to spend despite not flipping it. Houses should not typically cost more than 70% of their ARV. On top of that, you should keep some money aside for any repair work.


The rehab process is next after you’ve made an offer on the property. This process entails getting the renovation of the property to bring in new renters. 

To do this, you will require to closely monitor a few things, like having the right crew and the ability to know what changes will increase the value of your property versus what changes will merely look good.

Since you are not just renovating your property, you must consider its mechanical systems. 

You can also make other improvements to a rental or a property to increase its value, such as changing the kitchen or bathroom, laying hard flooring, or installing energy-efficient items. But ensure to choose the property that doesn’t exceed your budget.


Investing in rental properties can be challenging, so knowing the rental market is crucial. 

Is the area’s average income high or low? 

Is there a significant employer nearby? 

Asking yourself these questions is helpful.

Whenever you seek renters, ensure to get the screening done by enquiring about the following things:

  • A credit score
  • A brief history of employment
  • A criminal record

This is not the end, and there is more to it. You’ll need to decide how much to charge for the rental. At a minimum, rent must cover mortgage payments and maintenance costs on a mortgaged property. 


After rehabbing the property and renting it out. You can leverage the equity you have in it by taking out an equity loan or refinancing your mortgage. As a result, you can receive your home equity lump sum instead of making payments on your loan.

Your home equity can be accessed to 90% through a home equity loan. Refinances with cash-outs offer 80%. Let’s say you own a $350,000 property. Cash-out refinances allow you to pull out $280,000, whereas home equity loans allow you to pull out $315,000. 

You might be better off waiting until interest rates drop based on the market.


With one property’s equity in your pocket, you can repeat this process with another. You can use your current property as collateral to secure a loan to rehabilitate your future property.


BRRRR Method: Pros and Cons

Like any other investment, the method has its pros and cons, and the BRRRR method is no different. Let’s discuss a few of them:


  • Inheriting passive income: BRRRR allows you to live off of passive income generated by your properties.
  • Infinitely repeat it: The next time you repeat this method, you will have two properties. With every different property you hold, you can use the same method to pay off the financing, growing your portfolio faster.


  • There’s a significant risk: The method relies heavily on calculated guesswork. In the case of a lengthy and expensive rehab, you’ll be charged extra, and a lower ARV may limit how much equity you can obtain when refinancing.
  • It takes a lot of time: Buying and rehabbing properties, rehabilitating them, and then finding and keeping renters is a lot of work. 

Pluxa Property Helps You Meet Your Investment Goals

Investing in real estate provides passive income, and we help you make that income with the least effort possible.

At Pluxa Property, we have helped a wide range of investors with the investment process and will ensure you receive the best deal possible.

With top agents and investors in place having core expertise in the real estate industry, we have your back day and night.


What are the risks to the BRRRR strategy for buying rentals?

Investing in real estate through this strategy is an excellent investment method, but risks are involved. They are as follows: 

1)Timeframe for renovations
2)Managing rehabilitation
3)Performing an appraisal
4)Renting time

Are rental property owners self-employed?

As a property owner, you do not necessarily have to be self-employed to own your rental property.

Is investing in rental properties a good idea?

Investing in rental property can yield a regular income over the long term. If the investment property’s value increases, it can be a wise long-term investment.


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