Buying Property in Costa del Sol as a UK Resident: A Complete Guide

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Key takeaways:

  • Go through the details about how to buy property in the Costa del Sol as a UK resident.
  • Associate with a professional who can help you minimise the hassles of purchasing a property in Spain.

The average price of a property in the Costa del Sol is €1,411,329 in May 2024. 

It’s a 14% decrease from the previous month.

So currently, the market is in dip, and it’s a great opportunity to invest.

Are you thinking about purchasing a property in the Costa del Sol? Do you want to know how to buy property in the Costa del Sol as a UK resident?

Our team has crafted a pitch-perfect roadmap to help you handle your foreign investment with finesse. 

Let’s explore what to consider as a UK resident for the Costa del Sol investment.

A Complete Step-by-Step Guide for the Costa del Sol Property Investment

While you can purchase a property in the Costa del Sol in multiple ways, we have finalised a simple yet effective process for you.

Set a budget and start your research

You have to do your homework if you want to make a successful property purchase in Spain. Research the Spanish property market and understand the trends and property pricing across the city. 

Based on the research, you can calculate what’s suitable for your budget. Also, don’t neglect additional costs like taxes, legal fees, and ongoing maintenance while calculating the budget and the ideal property price. 

A crystal clear plan can ensure you make a solid informed decision and achieve your desired results with finesse. 

You need a lawyer

An important step that many UK investors miss out on is not associating with a professionally qualified lawyer who can help them strive through the Spanish property laws. 

Your lawyer will assist you in:

  • Handling due diligence
  • Verifying that the property is free from legal issues
  • Checking property titles

A lawyer can minimise your hassle, but to avoid conflicts of interest, you must ensure that they are not associated with a real estate agent or seller. 

Spanish NIE Number

You have to obtain a tax identification number, which is also known as the Número de Identificación de Extranjero or NIE. 

How can it help?

You cannot complete financial transactions in Spain without the NIE number. It is important in opening your bank account and registration of your property. 

You can apply for the NIC at the local police station or through a Spanish consulate in the UK.

Associate with a real estate agent

Once the basics are complete, you must associate with a reputable real estate agent. But why?

You don’t know the local market, right?

That’s where a good agent can help you get the best property deals based on your requirements. You can associate with a professional who understands what it takes to deliver the best results for a foreign investor.

Evaluate the property

You don’t want to end up paying higher for your property investment in the Costa del Sol, right?

That’s why you must conduct a property valuation by hiring an independent surveyor who will assess the property’s condition.

Go through the valuation report and make a wise investment decision. Don’t overpay and avoid potential future conflicts.

Sign a reservation agreement 

Before you pay the full price, you can sign a reservation agreement by depositing 6,000 to 10,000 euros. 

It’s a refundable deposit, and it shows that you are serious about making the purchase. Once you sign the agreement, you have some time to make the final call and complete the transaction. 

Private Purchase Contract (PPC)

After the reservation, you step towards a Private Purchase Contract. 

What’s that?

It’s a contract that requires 10% of the property price as deposit. It’s a legally binding contract that includes major details such as the agreed price of the property and payment schedule.

Notary Public

You have to formalise the property transfer in front of a notary public. You must schedule an appointment and take the assistance of your lawyer. 

Once the document verification is done, you’ll be notified whether the transaction complies with Spanish laws or not.

Final payment and property registration

After the approval is received, you can make the final payment and sign the title deed in front of the notary. Then you can register the property in your name at the Land Registry.

Your lawyer must handle the process with finesse to avoid any future complications. 

Now the property is yours.

Do you find the process a bit complicated?

If yes, then Pluxa Property has you covered. 

Choose Pluxa Property for Foreign Investment

We at Pluxa Property offer end-to-end foreign property investment solutions so that you can relax in the UK while our team handles the Spain property investment. 

From research to property registration, our team will handle it all. We have been helping UK investors expand their foreign investment portfolio without going through the hassles.

So, what’s making you wait?

Contact our team and discuss your budget and requirements for completing property purchase in the Costa del Sol.


Does buying property in Spain give you residency?

No. You don’t get an automatic residency in Spain once you purchase a property. But if you invest at least €500,000 in Spanish property, then you become eligible for the Golden Visa, which allows you to live in Spain.

What is the property tax in the Costa del Sol?

The property tax in the Costa del Sol, which is also known as Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales, is 7–10% of the purchase price. Also, there may be annual property taxes you must know about.


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