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Market town Oldbury is located in the West Midlands region of England’s Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell. It is one of the borough’s six component towns and administrative hubs.  

Even though there has been significant growth in the town’s retail sector since 1982, only a few people own property in Oldbury. Since people mostly prefer rented properties in the town, letting your property for rent can help you earn huge profits. 

However, some people feel sceptical about renting their properties owing to bad tenants, damage, and delayed rental payments. If you are one such person, you must try guaranteed rent.

Continue reading to learn about the meaning and perks of guaranteed rent, guaranteed rent in Oldbury, and more. 

Serviced Offices To Rent In Oldbury

A serviced office is a completely furnished and operated workspace or building rented out to other businesses as individual floors or work rooms. 

Serviced offices are also called managed offices, business centres, and flexible offices. Sometimes, they are alternatively used to mean executive suites or administrative centres in many cities. 

Since Oldbury is witnessing a major expansion, the demand for serviced offices in the region is at an all-time high. Therefore, you might earn a bomb if you own a serviced office or a house in Oldbury that you are willing to convert into a serviced office. 

Usually, the owners of business centres and properties seek the assistance of a property investment broker or firm to lease their serviced offices. Property investment firms create a win-win situation for the landlord and the tenant. 

If you set out to rent your property yourself, you will need to spend extra money on equipment, furnishing, and more. You will also need to shell out money to make your space conducive to the operational requirements of your tenants.

However, a property investment company converts your property into a serviced office worth renting. Here is a list of advantages provided by the Oldbury-based property investment companies to tenants: 

  • Flexible space options: If the size of certain businesses changes, the firm may allocate a new space quickly because space is typically adaptable.
  • Simple renting terms: Compared to traditional leased offices, which may demand furnishings, machinery, and more stringent leases, companies that offer serviced offices are typically able to offer more flexible leasing terms.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Sharing reception services, office equipment, and other resources is frequently permitted by serviced office providers, helping tenants save money and giving them access to tools that might otherwise be out of their price range.

Properties to let in Oldbury

Usually, landlords receive a free property maintenance service through the guaranteed rent programme in Oldbury, West Midlands, where the property investment companies screen all tenants and carry out routine inspections.

The Oldbury West Midlands rent guarantee programme gives you a guaranteed rental income for one to five years. In Oldbury, West Midlands, most landlords employ the guaranteed rental scheme. Tenants waiting to occupy properties are on the agencies’ list.

However, as part of the guaranteed rent plan in Oldbury, West Midlands, the companies offer to cover the rent if there is a vacant time or for any other reason. Therefore, leaving your property in Oldbury to a property investment company is smart. 

Living in any part of the UK has a lot of benefits, including free education and healthcare to a great extent, easy access to various cities of Europe, great career opportunities, paid leaves, safety, and more. 

Therefore, rented properties in the UK will always be in demand. Signing up for guaranteed rent in the UK can help you have a stable source of income. 

Rent guarantee

Now the two most pertinent questions arise: Is guaranteed rent worth it? And how does guaranteed rent work? Let us dive deeper into the working behind guaranteed rent and its various advantages: 

Guaranteed rent, also described as rent to rent, is when a person or business rents a property from a landlord for a fixed length of time with a promise to pay a set rent to the owner. The third party, referred to as “the Renter,” is permitted by the landlord to lease the property to additional renters.

Guaranteed rent in Oldbury is completely worth it due to the following reasons:

  • Hassle-free procedure: Depending on your contract with the agent and the facilities they offer, this may differ; however, in most cases, the brokerage company will handle the necessary property management processes on your behalf. 
  • Transparency: While tenants occupy the property, there are no expenses that the third party will be responsible for paying, such as council tax, utility fees, or the cost of locating new tenants. No additional start-up expenses, as is the norm with conventional management plans, will be assessed regardless of the number of tenants that reside in the property.
  • Guaranteed monthly income: The programme, by definition, ensures that you, as a landlord, will receive regular rent payments for a predetermined amount of time. This helps investors avoid the risk of being unable to find renters for the properties and consequently losing rent. 

Pluxa Property Has Your Back

Being Birmingham’s most reputable rent guarantee company, we at Pluxa Property Sourcing offer hassle-free property investment and sourcing facilities to our clients. From providing guaranteed rent for up to 5 years to refurbishing your property (if needed), we can do quite a few things for you!
Our extensive network’s renting agents and investors are constantly searching for the greatest properties in Birmingham to take on guaranteed rent or buy. Therefore, if you are interested in guaranteed rent in London, get in touch with us and start building your passive income source too!


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Birmingham derived its name as the Black Country from the smoke produced by the numerous foundries and forges used to make iron and coal.

What is the only British city named after a saint?

St. Albans is the only British city named after a saint.


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