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The UK’s major cities are experiencing a decline in rental demand for rental housing, as job losses and financial security are rising, causing investors to become increasingly concerned about the prospect of lengthy vacancies and rental arrears. 

Letting agency Birmingham city centre can help you find the best investment deals. With the increase in interest in guaranteed rent schemes, letting agents can maximize the benefits of these schemes by guiding you to their benefits. 

Letting agents assert that their service ensures the investors a guaranteed return on investment, thereby eliminating the risk of voids, arrears, and evictions.

Throughout this article, we have covered every aspect of Birmingham rental properties.

Key Takeaways:
Rental property brings lucrative earnings and has a lot of tax benefits, like deducting insurance, mortgage interest, and maintenance.
Letting agents assists you day in and out to get the best investment deals and thrive.
With the fluctuations in real estate, it’s super essential for investors to have reliable agents in Birmingham to get the best deals in the continually fluctuating market.

Properties to Rent in Birmingham City Centre


For property investors, Birmingham offers great investment opportunities. There is a growing economy in this city, a young population, and a shortage of rental properties available in this city. 

Aside from that, it is in the process of becoming the hub for HS2, and HS2 may drive many Londoners away from the capital because of its high cost of living, leading them to move up to Birmingham. 

A larger-than-average rental market exists in the city, so it is commonly known as one of the UK’s fastest-improving cities concerning the quality of life. The city’s demand for rental accommodation exceeds its supply.

Many cities and towns across the UK are experiencing a housing shortage due to high demand, and Birmingham is no exception. 

As an investor, consulting a team of best-letting agents in Birmingham ensures you get the best deals on rental properties in Birmingham City Centre.

This growth will require the construction of 4,500 homes annually to meet the demand. There will be 4,000 new homes built in Birmingham this year. 

Despite that, the supply-demand gap will persist for some time. Therefore, now is the best time to invest in Birmingham rental properties.

Top 5 Rental Hotspots in Birmingham


Due to Bullring’s establishment, many redevelopment projects have transformed large parts of the city, encouraging more people to move here to develop their careers. The market has highlighted a wide variety of Birmingham rental properties in key city areas, which are forecasted to experience high-growth potential as demand grows.

Considering the above, we’re going to explore the 5 hotspots in demand for rental properties in Birmingham in 2023, and we will examine why Birmingham property should be considered a premium asset for investors worldwide.

Jewellery Quarter

Jewellery Quarter remains one of the most attractive city centre investment locations. A hub of young professionals seeking rental accommodation, the Jewellery Quarter offers a village feel without sacrificing connectivity or nearby amenities. 

The Jewellery Quarter Station has seen the biggest property price rise over the last three years. Located along this side of the city, the station is a significant driver of demand for the area.  

As one of Birmingham’s top rental investment areas, Jewellery Quarter offers a wide selection of luxury condos, loft-style apartments, and townhouses. The area is seeing a surge in digital businesses, leading to demand for apartments from professionals looking to live nearby.


One of Birmingham’s most affluent postcodes, Edgbaston is highly regarded for its sporting heritage and is a clear investment hotspot. Renting out a property is an excellent investment in Birmingham, which has demonstrated more than 40% growth over the past decade, and Edgbaston is a great choice.

While Edgbaston’s property growth has not been as explosive, its yields have consistently kept up with the average value of the area. The rental prices in Edgbaston sit at around $1,014, and while that may represent a higher initial investment, Edgbaston remains exceptionally popular with tenants and has strong yields. 

Due to its reputation as a family hotspot, much of this is due to its popularity. With just a ten-minute drive from the city centre, Edgbaston offers a village-like atmosphere that is hard to find in many other city areas. 


It is widely recognized that Digbeth is the most promising hotspot for a rental property in Birmingham. One of Birmingham’s best investment zones, Digbeth is a vibrant melting pot of arts, culture, digital businesses, and exciting independent retailers. 

Several media, art, and digital companies are located in Digbeth, along with Birmingham Coach Station and Curzon Street, the future interchange hub for HS2. The area is home to many young professionals who work and live there. 


Harborne is one of Birmingham’s most desirable postcode areas, with a greater sense of relaxation and a more rural feel than most city suburbs while still affording easy access to Birmingham’s downtown area.

A large percentage of the population in Harborne is considered professional, with significant managerial or executive positions. In part, this will be determined by the quality of the amenities and properties. 


Erdington ranks as one of the cheapest areas on this list, making it one of the city’s most promising emerging markets. A long-term investor is best advised to consider this area because it is home to over 23,000 residents, offers a wide range of amenities, and is easy to access from the city centre. 

The Erdington area of the city is one of the most rapidly improving. 


If you are looking for a letting agency in Birmingham city centre for property investment support possible, you can count on Pluxa Property to provide you with the best deals on Guaranteed rent in Birmingham. 
Being one of the property investment companies and having over 10 years of experience in assisting investors of all types, Pluxa Property has the best estate agents in Birmingham, UK, who have successfully solved the property management problems of our clients through a range of services.

With the help of our letting agents in Birmingham, you can find the best property investments in the UK, and making a wise financial decision by investing in a property with us can prove an excellent investment decision.


Is moving to Birmingham UK a good idea?

In Birmingham, house prices are high, culture is bustling, plenty of restaurants and bars, schools are great, and there’s no start-up cost for new businesses.

What are the most wonderful things in Birmingham, England?

On a first-time trip to Birmingham, the second biggest city in England after London, you will have a great time!

Visit St Philip’s Cathedral
The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Explore Aston Hall

How easily accessible are jobs in Birmingham UK?

Despite Manchester being the second-best job market outside of London, Birmingham is now the second-best.


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