Is Buy to Serviced Accommodations a Good Investment Opportunity in Liverpool?

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Are you looking for property investment opportunities in Liverpool?

Are you feeling confused to decide whether serviced accommodation in Liverpool is a good investment option?

With a plethora of information available, it can be overwhelming for you to get clarity on whether serviced accommodations offer you a good investment opportunity or not.

Well, don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered.

So, what are serviced accommodations in the UK?

Serviced apartments are fully furnished private apartments suitable for short and long stays with families or business trips. 

They can be a great investment option for you.


Let’s find out.

Serviced Apartment Lets Versus Traditional Buy-to-let

Investing in a buy-to-serviced accommodation in Liverpool compared to a buy-to-let can be a great option for you. It can help you gain higher returns with a minimum tenancy hold on your property.

Unlike a single buy-to-let, serviced accommodations enable you to let a property on a short-term basis. You can let your property to your guests rather than your tenants. 

The stay for serviced apartments can be for a single or at least a short time compared to a buy-to-let, where you have a 6-months or one-year tenancy.

The limited lock-in period for your property also increases the chances of returns for your investment. Choosing serviced apartments can help you generate much higher returns compared to a buy-to-let property.


Because you can command a higher stay charge per night or short stay compared to the amount charged for a 6-12 month tenancy.

Let’s understand the difference between the two property investment types with an example. If your serviced accommodation unit is a standard buy-to-let, you might get £500 monthly for it, depending on the region.

But you can also charge £80 per night if you want to use your property for serviced accommodation. 

Of course, you won’t be occupied every night, but you need a monthly occupancy rate of 20% at the rate of £80 per night to generate an income of more than £500 per month with an assured shorthold tenancy. 


Guide on Where to Invest in Serviced Accommodation

Finding Liverpool serviced apartments for investment is similar to buy-to-let properties. 

You don’t require a special place to look for serviced accommodation; we suggest looking for better quality buy-to-lets to invest in the right service to accommodate.

Before you perform the search and make the investment call, here are the basics you should be clear about:

  • Understand your target market and who you want to stay in your property.
  • Do you want to purchase the property in the city centre to compete with the budget hotels?
  • Or are you looking for a serviced accommodation investment place known for tourism so that it can be a holiday-let for people looking for decent stays during their trip to Liverpool?

You should also check the Liverpool accommodation prices and consult professional property investment companies like Pluxa Property to make a well-informed investment decision for your financial freedom.

Investing in a Liverpool serviced apartment can also give you the flexibility to minimise the risk of losses. If, unfortunately, your serviced accommodation didn’t work well, you always have the option to turn the property back into a buy-to-let.

A plan B can help you improve investment results and achieve a great ROI. 


All You Need to Know About Serviced Accommodation Business

Serviced accommodation is an umbrella term that encompasses different properties designed to provide long-term or short-term accommodation for renters. 

The primary difference that separates serviced accommodation apartments for your guests is the amenities and utilities associated with a home rather than hotels.

Serviced apartments are used by travellers who want hotel-style accommodation, but with access to all the usual comforts of home. They offer the same features and utilities as a high-end hotel and extra space and convenience, which increases their demand in the country.

Investing in the service accommodation business can help get a great ROI in the long run and minimize the long-term tenant occupancies.

But selecting a serviced accommodation for investment requires great effort and knowledge. Performing the research on your behalf can be time-consuming and hectic. 

You can consult professional property investment agencies like Pluxa Property to help you make better decisions.


Make a Wise Decision

Investing in a serviced accommodation should be done with proper research and knowledge. We at Pluxa Property can help you provide serviced accommodation in Liverpool to ensure you make the most of your investments. 

From research to finding guests, we have a professional team of experts who can help you with everything. 

You can contact us for professional support and assistance while looking for serviced accommodation in Liverpool.


What is the use of service apartments?

The use of investing in a service apartment is that it can offer you better returns and limit the occupancy of your tenants. It provides a home-like experience and privacy to the guests. With the utilities and experience of a premium hotel, the demand for serviced apartment stay in the country is rising, which creates a great investment opportunity for you.

Where can I invest in a buy-to-serviced accommodation property in the UK?

Investment in serviced accommodation properties in the UK can deliver great results if the property’s location is in the centre of a large urban area. You can also look for properties near airports, sporting venues, conference centres, golf clubs, tourist attractions, hospitals, and universities. You can consult your property investment advisors to understand the property better and ensure you perform a thorough background check before investing.

What is the best way to find a serviced apartment?

You might think about how to do serviced accommodation. The best way is to contact a professional property investment company like P&A Property Sourcing to get the best deals for serviced apartments in the UK. You can also research on your behalf, but it can be time-consuming and ineffective because of a lack of knowledge and experience in the property investment industry.


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