New Build Properties in Spain: Top Trends and Features to Look for in Your Dream Home

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New build properties in Spain are growing in popularity. They offer immaculate architecture and high energy efficiency. 

A new build house in Spain offers several lifestyle benefits, like breathtaking sea views to intelligent home technology.

Whether you are seeking a vacation home or a permanent dwelling, new build properties in Spain could be a wise investment option.   

New build properties in Spain are low maintenance. They frequently include warranties and guarantees, ensuring your investment is secure. All these factors allow you to live carefree.

They frequently feature the newest technological advancements and energy-saving features, making them more durable, economical, and investment-friendly in the long term.

Additionally, properties in Spain include open-concept layouts and features to match the needs of contemporary living. 

They are perfect for families and friendly people since they frequently have shared amenities like gardens, gyms, and swimming pools.

Spain’s new build properties provide a broad choice of location alternatives. There is a place to fit every taste and budget, from coastal cities to rural getaways. 

Many new construction ventures are in developing neighbourhoods, providing the chance for capital growth and a strong return on investment.

Since new build properties are abundant in Spain, researching and setting your priorities is crucial for purchasing. Let us look into the top trends and features you must look for in your dream home.    

Key takeaways: 

  • New build properties in Spain are the new ‘it’ thing, owing to their top-notch architecture and energy-saving facilities. 
  • Homeowners must look for features like green spaces, security, location, and more when searching for their dream home in Spain. 
  • Getting help from a reputed firm like P & A Property Sourcing makes house hunting in Spain much more manageable. 

Top Trends and Features to Consider in Your Dream House in Spain

Let us look at some top features and trends to watch out for when looking for a dream house in Spain.   

Green Spaces and sustainable design 

Green spaces and sustainable architecture are becoming increasingly essential to homeowners and for good reason. Including sustainable design elements in your dream house can assist you in saving money while lowering your carbon footprint.

Look for amenities like solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and water-saving fixtures when evaluating new build properties in Spain. These features save your utility costs and contribute to environmental protection.

Another crucial component of sustainable design is green space. In addition to bettering the visual appeal of a home, having a garden or other outside area has several advantages for both the environment and the homeowner. 

A garden may enhance the air quality, lessen noise pollution, and raise the home’s value. Pluxa Property can assist you in discovering the eco-friendly design elements and lush landscaping of the Spanish house of your dreams. 

We can help you locate a house that satisfies all your needs and wants while being environmentally friendly, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the local property market and proficiency in property sourcing. To begin searching for your ideal house in Spain, contact us right now.


Location is a significant aspect when looking for new build properties in Spain. Consider if you wish to be near the city’s hustle and bustle or in a more peaceful setting. Research the neighbourhood you want to live in. 

You must take into account the kind of amenities the area offers, including public transit, stores, restaurants, and schools.

Storage space

Even though newly build properties in Spain usually have built-in cupboards and closets for storage, people still need to pay attention to their storage needs before finalising a property. It is essential to consider how much storage space you will need, particularly if you have a family. 


Security is another crucial consideration when selecting a newly built house in Spain. You must consider the kind of security features offered, like CCTV, alarms, and secure access systems.


Outdoor space 

New build properties in Spain frequently have communal features like swimming pools, gyms, and gardens. However, when searching for a new build house in Spain, it is vital to consider the type of outdoor area offered. Access to outside space is crucial for many people, especially those with children or pets. 

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is among the most significant parameters to fulfil when purchasing a new build house in Spain. 

Searching for homes with energy-saving features will enable you to make long-term financial savings. Thus, you can lower your electricity bills and carbon footprints.

You can look for properties with energy-saving elements like insulation, double-glazed windows, and solar panels. Pluxa Property can quickly help you identify energy-saving homes. 

Intelligent home technology 

Intelligent home technologies are a trend that is here to stay. By utilising just your smartphone or tablet, this type of home technology allows you to manage your home from anywhere. 

You may look for new build properties in Spain with attributes like intelligent thermostats, lighting controls, security features, etc. Thus, what sort of innovative home technology you want to employ is crucial to consider while looking for your dream home in Spain. 

Open-concept layout 

In Spain, newly constructed homes are increasingly using open-concept designs. Walls between rooms are taken down in this design to make the living space feel more open and roomy. 

This concept is especially great for families or people who enjoy entertaining visitors. The open-concept design lets in a lot of natural light and may enlarge a small space.

Beautiful views 

Many new build properties in Spain provide expansive views of the sea or mountains. These views have the potential to improve your quality of life. Thus, they can be a deciding factor when buying a new home. 

Pluxa Property makes discovering new build properties in Spain with beautiful views much more effortless.


Find Your Dream Home in Spain with Pluxa Property 

Are you searching for your ideal new construction home in Spain?

Pluxa Property is the one-stop solution to all your property investment needs. Our team of professionals knows the Spanish real estate market inside out.

We can assist you in discovering your dream home that satisfies your needs and preferences. We can help you find anything, including energy-efficient design, green areas, and innovative home technologies.

To begin searching for your ideal house in Spain, contact us now.


What factors should I consider when evaluating an off-plan property or new development in Costa del Sol?

Consider location, amenities, build quality, and the possibility of a return on investment when assessing an off-plan property or new construction in the Costa del Sol.
For professional advice on assessing Costa del Sol off-plan properties, contact P&A Property Sourcing.

How can I ensure that the developer of the off-plan property in Costa del Sol is reputable?

You can ensure that the developer of off-plan property in Costa del Sol is reputable by:
1. Conducting research
2. Checking their credentials and track record
3. Seeking recommendations from professionals such as P&A Property Sourcing


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