The Benefits of Buying New-Build Properties in Spain

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The property price in Spain rose by 2.59% per square meter in Q3 2021.

When you want to purchase a property in Spain, you must consider what you are looking for. 

One of your critical choices is whether you want existing or new build properties in Spain.

If you purchase an existing property in Spain, the house is somewhat older and sometimes even dated. Also, up to 15 years ago, the quality of houses in Spain was much lower because there was a high demand for properties. 

But now, there has been a revolution regarding quality and insulation. An older house may have charm, but it doesn’t outweigh the benefits of a beautiful newly built apartment in Marbella or other coastal regions in Spain.

When you purchase a new build property in Marbella, you know that you will have a carefree time and everything is brand new and in working condition. 

And even if something goes wrong, you have guarantees from the seller. You also don’t require maintenance work or renovations with immediate effect.

Here are the benefits of new build apartments in Marbella that you must consider before investing in Spain.


New Developments in Marbella

Multiple benefits of new development investment in Marbella and other Spain regions can be considered. 

1. A new build property of the highest quality

As already highlighted, much has changed in Spain’s infrastructure and building quality within the past 15 years. 

Because of the real estate crisis, builders are more aware that selling everything is impossible. Developers know what the customer is looking for, which has improved the quality of newly developed houses compared to 20 years ago. 

A significant improvement is not only visible in terms of materials used and construction but also in energy consumption. Like, now you can see good double glazing with aluminium frames.

2. A new-build property is a much more energy-efficient

If you purchase a car or a new washing machine, you want them to be energy-efficient. Why not consider this when purchasing an apartment or holiday home in Marbella, Spain? 

With substantial progress in recent years, builders are using renewable energy for part of their power supply. It helps to make the newly built homes more energy efficient and futuristic.


3. Luxury with many amenities

When you purchase a residence, you benefit from well-kept, decorated communal areas with swimming pools and relaxation areas. 

An indoor spa with a sauna, jacuzzi, and heated swimming pool is no longer an exception in 2022. Also, a small sports facility and children’s playground in the complex can be the luxuries you get with newly built homes in Spain. 

The new construction projects are located in the best locations and are focused on the current customers’ requirements and needs. Different luxurious homes are excellent for your investment purpose, as you can rent them out whenever you want. Multiple projects in Spain are often laid out with privacy, and new build homes are thoughtfully and stylishly designed. 

4. Warranty and minimal maintenance cost

Buying a new build property in Marbella offers another important advantage as you buy a house with a guarantee. There is a 1-year warranty on the property’s materials and defects. 

The project developers are obliged to give you a 10-year guarantee on the house construction, which removes all your troubles and worries.

While considering the maintenance costs, you will have an advantage in the first years as whens you purchase a new property, all materials are new, and there’s no wear and tear. 

For example, electrical appliances, window frames, sliding windows/doors, and other important house equipment don’t require any major services after the purchase. 

Although renovation work on existing (older) homes is important, these costs can rise considerably. Buying a new construction property in Spain makes a good investment with little or no maintenance. It can provide you with great ROI and even enable you to generate a steady rental income.

Now you understand the benefits of buying new build properties in Spain, let’s check how you can complete the transaction.


Property For Sale in Malaga province

Foreigners in Spain do 13% of transactions in purchasing properties. It proves the popularity of international property investors.

Spain offers a great opportunity for you to generate a steady rental income or long-term ROI by investing in the country’s real estate sector.

But purchasing a new property in Spain from the United Kingdom can be overwhelming. The most efficient step for investing in new build properties in Spain is to choose a professional property investment company that can help you streamline the complications.

It can lead to a hassle-free and easier purchasing process. When purchasing a new-build home, we at Pluxa Property ensure that your investment in the new house in Spain is safe and you complete the process with finesse.

Pluxa Property’s services can assist you in making better property investments in Spain and ensure you get the best new-development home deals in Spain’s coastal areas.

We are a leading property deal sourcing and property consultant company to help you invest in properties offering a high yield.

Being the No. 1 property investment company in the UK, you will get the best deals to invest in Spain and great long-term returns.


Where is the best place in Spain to invest in property?

Alicante is the best location to invest in Spain as it’s surrounded by a vibrant ex-pat community and offers a great ROI.

Which is better for a summer vacation, Ibiza or Marbella?

Ibiza is better than Marbella, as the days are hotter and the nightlife is cooler. Also, the beaches are more varied, and there are many things to do along the coast. But if you want to enjoy day trips or mountain hiking in Morocco, you should choose Marbella.

How to find a property for sale in Spain?

You can manually check the different websites in Spain for property sales or consult a professional property investment company to help you with your efforts. The property investment company can provide you with the best investment deals in Spain based on your preferences.


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