New Homes in Saffron Walden: Stunning New Build Properties

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Saffron Walden is becoming one of the hotshots in property investment. The town offers great locations, natural beauty, and the desired living environment.

It is a big town in Essex; with an influx of property investors from London, it is witnessing a rise in demand and prices.

The CB11 area, where Saffron Walden sits, has seen house prices rise to more than double in a year.

New houses at Saffron Walden have come up because of t investors’ rising interest. Being a result-oriented investor, it’s a great opportunity for you to invest in Saffron Walden new builds. 

Let’s go through the different aspects of investing in the newly built Saffron Walden and help you develop your investment plan.

Houses for Sale in Saffron Walden

Because of the pandemic, the past few years have been challenging, but there is some optimism in the rental market, especially in towns like Saffron Walden. 

With the rising number of Saffron Walden properties for sale, here are a few data points to help you predict the future ROI.

According to the study carried out by Paragon Bank, out of 600 landlords in the town, 69% of them believe there’s an increase in demand for rental property. 

Not only that, but they’ve also highlighted the increase in rental property demands in different segments:

  • 79% and 74% of landlords in South West England and South East England, respectively, have reported an increase in rental property demand.
  • 59% of landlords in North East England and 54% of property managers and landlords in London reported a boost in demand for rental property.

It’s a great opportunity for you to invest in rental properties in Saffron Walden now before there’s a significant hike in property rates because of the rising demand.


Poppy View — New Homes in Saffron Walden

Director of the Cheffins estate agents, Bruce King, told Cambridge News: ‘We see that approximately 25% of buyers in Saffron Walden and other surrounding villages are those who are moving out of London. The investors vary from those looking for family homes to even first-time buyers looking to get into the property investment  journey but can’t afford to buy in London.’

The average prices of properties in Saffron Walden have experienced a hike in the past six months, but still, it’s the early stage before the skyrocketing Saffron Walden new builds prices.

To get an idea about the current property price for a new house in Saffron Walden, a Tudor cottage in the middle of town would cost around £400,000, while a detached Victorian house with five bedrooms can cost you around £800,000.

Bellway Essex is hosting a digital launch of its Poppy View development in winter before the on-site launch next summer. Being a buyer, if you register your interest in the homes, you’ll receive advance notification of the first properties that will be released onto the market.

A grand total of 150 homes are currently under construction at a site off Thaxted Road, comprising 60 affordable homes and 90 houses for private sale.

The private homes will feature two, three, and four-bedroom houses, and the affordable homes will include four apartments and bungalows. Close to 42 properties are available for affordable rent, and the remaining 18 are available through shared ownership.

These new homes in Poppy Views can be your next investment, but before you make a final move, we want to share some vital tips for investing in new homes and developments.


Find New Homes and Developments for Sale in Saffron Walden

Multiple tips can be followed for investing in new homes and developments in Saffron Walden. We have provided the most effective ones.

1. Buy in up-and-coming areas

Nothing can increase the value of a property more than a surge in the area’s popularity. Even in declining property markets, certain pockets of a town often duck the trend and continue to rise in value.

You should analyse the hotspots in Saffron Walden before investing in new homes and developments. Look for areas where the local infrastructure or transport links can improve or are under construction. Buying in an area that’s becoming popular can help to protect your long-term investment.

2. Start investing in small amounts

Many property investors fail because they try to go too big, too soon. Your initial investments should be ‘safe’ and straightforward to gain a decent ROI.

Complete rebuilds, listed buildings, and multi-home developments are best left until you have experience in property investment.

It’s a decent idea to take your time and look for experts before rushing in and finding yourself in future troubles.

3. Talk to local property experts

This is an important property investment tip if you are new to property investment or unfamiliar with the area of property investment.

Also, when investing in new builds in Saffron Walden, ensure you have a strong connection with property investment experts who can assist you with your investment.

When purchasing a new home in Saffron Walden, we at Pluxa Property ensure that your investment is safe and you complete the process with finesse.

Pluxa Property’s investment services can assist you in making better property investments in Saffron Walden and ensure you get the best new development home deals.



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