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Is real estate investment in Ibiza on your mind? Does the property have a positive rental yield? There is no way to deny that the number of tourists visiting Ibiza is increasing yearly. A wide range of small and large investors can always find exciting investment opportunities. 

There has been an increase in price per square meter, from €6.569 to €7.927 in the past two years, approximately a 21% increase over the last year.

What makes the island so popular? Many possibilities exist in such a small geographical area, from the atmosphere to the food. This article will discuss all new homes for sale in Ibiza and how you can buy brand-new properties for sale in Ibiza.

Key Takeaways 
1. Real estate investing has several advantages, including passive income, stable cash flow, tax benefits, and diversification.
2. The investment property market has the potential to offer investors opportunities to build wealth, increase their income, and diversify their investment portfolios.
3. As property values increase, investing in investment real estate can provide investors with capital gains and rental income.

New Developments

A good reason to invest in new developments in Ibiza is to have the chance to generate passive income you can’t even think of. Before taking further steps, it is essential to seek the right advice from the agents to adhere to the strict laws governing holiday rentals and the legal issues associated with the Ibiza new build. 

Even though renting a holiday home is frequently gaining attention. But don’t go by the words. Run through your research by getting the right consultant by your side and make a suitable investment, not in something that causes you stress. 

Is it time to invest in new build apartments in Ibiza? Well, it is time to book the property before the prices go up and you feel disappointed. Even for the old age group, this is a profitable investment that will help them live the rest of their lives freely. 

Throughout the year, local houses and villas are in high demand due to the tourist demand, which means they are highly liquid. Hence, leasing or reselling the property may generate income in the future.

Brand New Properties in Ibiza (Balearic Islands)

As the real estate market continues to grow, there is a tremendous potential income stream for frequent investors in this sector. Another significant development in the Balearic Islands is that many brand-new properties are being built around the island. 

The fact that new property is being constructed around it is a blessing to the investors because it is already one of the most fantastic attractions. With the property being built, it will double the profit for investors. 

Although it is the first time we have seen it, it is recommended that all investors start putting their money towards it at this time. There is no doubt that the market will rise shortly, and there are chances you won’t get such a great deal later. Do not wait any longer to book your property. 

In the Balearic Islands, the property market is growing faster than in any other region. With the growing uncertainty in several states, the time to invest in Ibiza is better than it has ever been.

Before taking any further action, ensure that you speak with the agent. They will guide your search for the right investment property and register it on your behalf. 

Infinity Pool – Villa for Sale Ibiza

The luxury villas in the Ibizan market are an excellent choice for investors looking for steady passive income through the rental of luxury villas. Given the high demand for villas, there is the possibility of generating a significant income.

Due to their popularity, new build villas in Ibiza are expected to increase in price sharply. Now is the time to invest and watch your income grow. 

If you purchase a luxury villa in Ibiza shortly, you can expect its value to rise rapidly in the coming years, resulting in significant profits. Additionally, the price increase also emphatically affects the lease of these apartments, as they will be more likely to pay a higher rent if the number of luxury apartments in Ibiza declines shortly. 

Lastly, the travel industry also plays a considerable role in explaining why investing in a luxury villa in Ibiza would make sense. Adding to this is the fact that tourism will attract a growing number of people to the island, which will, in turn, lead to more people falling in love with the island, leading to an ever-growing number of people wanting to move to the island. 

Additionally, this will lead to an increase in the demand for rental properties. As Ibiza villas are ideal for luxury holiday homes, you can build and rent luxurious villas for vacations in Ibiza, which will give you a tremendous profit if you own one. 

An extravagant property in Ibiza is not only a wise investment but is surprisingly much better than any other property in Ibiza. 


It is not easy to invest in real estate in Ibiza. One of the best ways to simplify the process is to select a pro-property investment firm.

It can make purchasing easier and more convenient. With Pluxa Property, we ensure that your brand-new property investment in Ibiza is safe and ensure the purchase process is executed professionally.

With Pluxa Property’s services, you can make wiser investments in Ibiza and access the best new-development deals.

Invest in high-yield properties with our experienced property sourcing and consulting team.

With the UK’s number one property investment company, you are guaranteed the best returns when investing in Ibiza.


Is Ibiza more expensive than the other parts of Spain?

Yes, Ibiza is an expensive place, and the island is one of the most pricey in Spain.

Where is the best place to buy a villa and live in Ibiza?

The best place to buy a villa and live in Ibiza is  Porroig.


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