Property Investment in Leeds: Why and Where?

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It is a widely accepted fact that investing in real estate in the United Kingdom can be daunting. Return on investment is one of the best reasons to invest in Leeds property for budding investors. Investing in property in Leeds has been a great opportunity in recent years.

Why is Leeds so good for investing? Due to solid economic potential and many regeneration projects, house prices and rental rates should increase as the city becomes a thriving hotspot over the next few years.

A city as up-and-coming as Leeds, with award-winning universities, has much to offer young professionals and millennials. Therefore, property rentals will be in more demand in the future.

Key Takeaways 

  • Leeds brings you the best-ever investment opportunity for investors to earn a significant amount of money. 
  • An investment involves using capital today to increase its value over time.
  • A successful investment usually does not guarantee appreciation; there is a possibility that something you invested may end up losing value.

Why Invest in Leeds: Reasons for 2022 

Among the standout UK cities in 2022, Leeds was named the best city to live, work, and play in 2021 and 2020.

Why should UK property investors consider Leeds? If you are considering buying property in the UK, check out why you should consider buying to let in Leeds.  

The prices are affordable 

Investing in Leeds property has been made possible due to its affordability. As of December 2021, Leeds’ average house price is $211,437, according to Land Registry data. 

Intense rental demand leads to higher rents. 

Due to surging demand in the city’s rental market, investment in Leeds has been a hit in recent years. 

In June 2021, Zoopla reported that Yorkshire had the greatest annual rental demand growth in the UK, at 3%. 

As a result, Leeds rental prices have risen by a staggering 7.7% over the past year, according to the HomeLet rental index, a rise higher than in the South East, South West, and East Midlands. 

With Leeds’ rising population, these numbers aren’t that surprising. 

According to World Population Review, the Leeds population is estimated at around 521,148 in 2021. 

Buying to let Leeds properties in 2022 is an excellent idea because many people are coming to the city for work, relocating to the region, and studying at one of the many universities Leeds offers.

Leeds Regeneration Property Investment

A considerable amount of urban regeneration in Leeds has made buy-to-let properties more appealing. Regeneration opportunities abound in Leeds, improving the city’s appeal for investments.   

Several ambitious and determined projects are being implemented in the city’s infrastructure, including the Northern Powerhouse. After the scheme was launched in June 2014, Leeds’ economy grew faster than London’s.  

Several exciting regeneration plans are now in place for Leeds, showing that the city is poised for an exciting future regarding investment.


Strong House Price Growth 

Leeds is predicted to be a very appealing market for real estate investors in the coming years as the predicted huge increase in house prices will make Leeds one of the most attractive markets across the country.

The Yorkshire and Humber region is predicted to experience a growth rate of 18.8% by 2026.

The Top Best Areas in Leeds for Buy to Let

The returns on property investment vary greatly depending on the region in the UK. 

Rent demand, house prices, and rental returns vary between regions in the same city. 

In light of this, we’ve identified the best locations in Leeds for 2022. 

Leeds City Centre

Among the most popular parts of Leeds for investment, the city centre is a great place to consider investing in property.  Students and young professional tenants most often choose city living because it is close to their work, university, and the hustle and bustle of the city.   

Therefore, if you’re looking to target these tenant types, Leeds city centre might be a good investment.  


The low house prices in Armley, a suburb of Leeds located west of the city, are attracted by property investors looking to acquire property in Leeds. In Armley, most of the properties are terraced houses, and you will find a home starting at just £139,623, so this area is perfect for Leeds property investors looking to rent out to families.


Headingley is another excellent area in Leeds. Due to Leeds Beckett University’s campus in Headingley, the area is a hotbed for student investments and one of the best buy-to-let zones in the city.   

Families and young professionals are also becoming more interested in the area because of its excellent transport links and local amenities.  



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What is the average cost of living in Leeds for a single person?

It has been estimated that a family of four will spend 3,053.4$ (2,535.2£) per month without paying rent. A single person’s monthly cost without rent is $904.2. Contact P&A Sourcing, to grab the best deals around.

What are unsafe areas in Leeds, England?

Several dangerous places in Leeds should be avoided at all costs.

1. Armley & New Wortley
2. Lincoln Green & St James
3. Beeston West & Cottingley


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