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The real estate market in the UK is expected to bring profits in the 4.1 and 7.3 percent range between 2022 and 2025.

Property sourcing has changed how real estate investments are conducted in the UK. If you’re curious to learn more about how it will benefit you as an investor, you should read further.

But you don’t know what is property sourcing

How can a property sourcer help you reduce risk and can guide you to yield higher results? 

How can you contact a compliant property sourcer

We will answer all these questions and will help you understand the pivotal role a property sourcing company or a property sourcer plays in finding the best investment opportunities for you.

So without wasting much time, let’s begin. 

Sourcing Investments: Investment Property for Sale

Property sourcing in the UK starts with the process of examining and scrutinizing the areas for investments, strategising an investment plan, souring out various available options, and ends with negotiating the option which seems the best to provide the desired results. 

It can be on flat, vacant land, multi-story buildings, shops, or commercial workspaces. It is the job of the sourcer to look for the property which caters to the best of your needs. 

You may be looking for a long-term or short-term investment in which you can sell the property for a profit after refurbishment or create a steady income by renting out the property. 

Once a property option is finalised, the process of finding out leads or options begins. The process may sound like regular real estate agency work, but it differs. You can directly or through an agency approach the buyer in the traditional real estate sense.

Once all the available options are considered, the negotiations can start on the best available options, and you can close the deal. 

What is Property Deal Sourcing? 

Sourcing properties for investors is the service in which the property deal source company or property sourcer deputizes for you and finds out the best deals.

The deal sourcing property process seems tough since you may lack the time, expertise, and knowledge to complete the deal. Here comes the role of a property sourcer.

A property sourcer is a professional with a good grasp of the property markets and the right skills to survey the available properties, scrutinise the property’s conditions, and negotiate to close the deal. 

If you are a first-time investor, taking the help of a property sourcing agent UK for sourcing property for investors can come in handy and stop you from making any unfavourable investments. 


How to Find a Property Sourcer?

Working with a property sourcer can open up many benefits. Bigger discounts, higher returns, access to all options, and less risk. 

Now how does one find a property sourcer? 

One old-school method like asking someone for suggestions may seem a viable option, but there’s no downside to doing some of your research.

In today’s day and age, all the information is available on the internet. It’s so much easier now to decide with the information available via the internet. Start with a quick internet search to find the best property sourcers. 

Look for the options available, and scrutinise the options by looking at the reviews and ratings of their existing clients. 

Ensure you go through all the reviews and ratings and not just see the positives but also the negatives posted by different clients of the property sourcer. Once all the research is done, find the best options and start with a consultation.

A consultation is usually free in which you can learn more about the property sourcer, how long they’ve worked, how many clients they have handled, and how much profit they can deliver. 

This can be crucial information when deciding to finalise a property sourcer.

The Truth About Deal Sourcing

Once the property sourcer has provided you with the best investment options, ensure you go through all of them thoroughly and ask the right questions. Also, ensure that your property sourcer is transparent with you. 

  • Financial projections  

The property sourcer will come up with financial projections which will look great on paper. Don’t just get blinded by the reports or statistics mentioned on the paper; ensure you run the numbers by yourself and, better yet, by a third party, a mentor, or a fellow investor.

  • Property 

Ensure you do 2-3 checks on the property by yourself. Visit the property, and access the conditions and the neighborhood. Research the neighborhood, and find out if it has any flaws. 

Try to find the answers to the following questions: 

  • Is the property in good condition? 
  • Check for molds or holes. 
  • Does it get proper sunlight? 
  • Are windows and doors intact? 
  • Check for the signs if the basement gets flooded.

Especially if you are looking to refurbish the property to sell, ensure you have a professional look at the property and give you an estimated number of how much you will have to spend to refurbish the place and whether it will make you a good profit.


If you are a first-time investor or an experienced one, it can get hectic to go through the whole investment process independently. 

Expert advice can help you bring about good profits, which is what the experts here at Pluxa Property Ltd have been doing for over ten years. 

Being a number 1 property deal sourcing company, we have helped many investors achieve capital growth and profit.

Connect with our professionals and streamline your investment journey.


What is the best way to research the UK property market?

It is essential to research areas of growth, localities with higher rental demands, and newly constructed areas with higher attraction for rentals. Research demographics and property history and find out the plans for development in the area.

Is now a good time to invest in UK property?

Yes, demand is on the higher side right now. People’s spending capacity has increased considerably after the COVID-19 pandemic, and there has also been an increase in rents.

What is the best option for property investment?

If you are looking for a steady monthly income, renting makes sense, but if your goal is to make one-time profits, buying and selling the property after refurbishment can help you realize the profits. 


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