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In recent times, economic growth has increased and the housing market has experienced significant fluctuations, which often causes many people to wonder whether it is a good time to invest. 


If you are interested in maximizing your passive income from real estate, why not consider something other than traditional buy-and-hold options? 

Whether you are new to investing or have experience investing with several rental properties and long-term tenants, we have a new investing method to share with you. The BRRRR method is gaining popularity, and this is a good opportunity for people ready to invest time and money in building a long-term passive income stream.

For years, the BRRRR system has been proving profitable for investors and house flippers alike, so let’s check out how it holds up for investors of all types.

Key Takeaways

  • The BRRRR method is a stand-alone approach to real estate investing.
  • BRRRR is a real estate investing method involving buying, rehabbing, renting, and refinancing properties.
  • The best way to take advantage of BRRRR is by reducing personal debt, raising capital, considering working with a partner, and knowing where to find sellers to help with the purchase.

Understanding the BRRRR Pros and Cons

As with any investment, there are pros and cons to the Brrrr method. Before we delve deeper, let’s consider three pros and three cons. 


  1. Returns on investments 

A high return on investment is one of the principal benefits. When done correctly, it is possible to fix distressed properties for modest cash investment and rent them out for strong cash flow.

  1. Scalable

BRRRR can help you scale your real estate business quickly and easily. It is possible, to begin with very little investment and incrementally increase your portfolio value and the number of investments.

  1. Increase your rental portfolio and your equity

Using this method, you will build a steadily growing rental portfolio from a single purchase and repair investment. As equity increases, you will build a secure, long-term source of wealth for yourself.


  1. Expensive loans

The cost of repaying loans is high. Until you can rehab the property and rent it for a profit, you will be stuck with a steadily growing debt and an interest rate. 

  1. Risky investment

The property’s value determines whether or not an investor should refinance it rather than how much they’ve invested in it. Regardless of how much the property appraises for, there is always the risk that the appraisal will not be as high as expected.

  1. Not a guaranteed passive income 

If you think BRRRR methods can guarantee you a 100% passive income, then this investment strategy is not for you. While it may generate many returns, patience and time are required.

How to Use the Brrrr Method to Buy Rentals with Less Money

Investing in BRRRR is an excellent way for investors to build a passive income portfolio for the future. The initial down payment and renovations are highly demanding and require considerable capital. As long as you get your short-term rental business up and running and start to make money, it can become a highly profitable business in the long run for you.

As you are learning the BRRRR method, it will take some time before you can get the hang of it, but after experimenting with it a couple of times, you will see the benefits come into play. Risk-taking is necessary to achieve your earning potential on a short-term rental property. Hence, BRRRR could be a good option for your short-term rental mission.

How to Use the Brrrr Method to Buy Rentals with Less Money


The BRRRR method is one of the greatest ways for investors to generate passive income and buy rentals without wasting much of their money. Here is how the BRRRR method works:

Buy: BRRRR begins with buying the property. Remember, the property you purchase will be distressed and require changes before it is put to rent. 

Rehab: As the property is old and falling apart, it may require some changes. This involves renovating the property, making structural changes, and performing aesthetic improvements to make it ready for the renters. 

Prepare for rent: Once you have renovated the property and made the required changes, it’s time to prepare for rent by determining the rent price and looking for renters to live.

Refinance: Now is the right time to proceed with refinancing. The process involves converting equity into cash. You can tap into your equity by getting a more substantial Brrrr mortgage, which entails borrowing more than what you already owe. You can spend it on anything.

Repeat: The final step involved in the BRRRR method is the repeat process, where you will need to go over the Brr method process again. Using the earnings from the refinance, you can buy another distressed property, renovate it, and rent it out. Afterward, you can refinance it and get more money out of it.


To make the BRRRR real estate investment strategy successful, you must know the different tactics you can use to maximize profitability.

The Pluxa Property team has worked with an array of BRRRR investors over the past decade to source the best deals. As part of our Pluxa Property service, we facilitate the strategic identification of properties matching investors’ investment criteria. We leverage best-in-class investment strategies to keep investors abreast of new investment opportunities.

Whether you are an experienced BRRRR investor or a beginner, we’ve got you covered.

What is the BRRRR real estate investment method?

As shown in the above diagram, BRRRR is short for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat, which is an investment strategy used to purchase distressed properties, renovate them, rent them out, cash out and refinance them to acquire more properties for rental investment.

What is the holy grail of real estate investment software?

The management of real estate assets, as well as the maximization of market values and returns on investment (ROI), requires the implementation of software such as software for real estate portfolio management or real estate asset management.

What is a real estate management course?

Designed to introduce the basic aspects of the real estate business. This course is designed to introduce and assist students in understanding the basic aspects of business, such as business practices and principles, real estate documentation, brokering and transactions, and real estate’s legal, financial, and valuation aspects.


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