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There are now more investment opportunities in real estate markets than ever. It is especially true for those looking to climb the ladder or who wish to expand their current portfolio of properties. 

As per the report, the UK’s real estate market is expected to see an annual compound growth rate of more than 5% from 2022 to 2027, which is an impressive increase.

Whether new to real estate investing or experienced, rent to serviced accommodation’s (R2SA) innovative investment strategy should be on your radar if you want to earn significant passive income and increase your investment return.

It is a great way to generate passive income from the property.

R2SA is when a person rents a furnished property from the owner to provide a short-term holiday rental. 

Continue reading to discover what R2SA in derby property brings to the table. 

Derby: Self-Catered Apartments 

Many attractive investment opportunities are available to investors with high ambitions, and the R2SA in Derby is one of them. Self-catered apartments are a more cost-effective investment strategy when compared to the other investment strategies that are available out there. 

This investment strategy works in the following way: The longer the tenant stays, the better for you, as you’ll earn higher passive income than you can expect.

It is not like any other investment opportunity. It is high on the list because it can contribute a great deal to helping you generate passive income without the need to invest a lot of money into it. 

For your rent-to-serviced accommodation in Derby strategy to be successful, your apartment must be situated in an ideal location. 

It is of the utmost importance to consider other facilities that are available nearby, which could attract tourists or workers in the vicinity. For your investment to be successful, there must be high demand in the area.

The strength of this plan is that it will allow investors to profit from a steady flow of income much more effectively. As well as this, well-done marketing of your property and good customer reviews must also contribute to the successful recruitment of new tenants.


Rent to Serviced Apartments Derby | Corporate Accommodation

Rent to serviced apartments is one of the newest corporate accommodations that is becoming increasingly popular as an investment opportunity. Compared to hotel rooms, corporate accommodation rooms are usually more spacious and offer greater flexibility than hotel rooms. 

Apart from having internet access, fax machines, and telephone lines, the entire communication system is equipped with everything a business needs.

It is becoming more popular among investors because the returns are good and the risks are low.

Apart from being the most significant investment opportunity for any investor, corporate accommodation makes it easier to enter the property market and make more money. 

In addition, R2SA operators also do not have to borrow money, nor do they need to make a large deposit, which is another advantage. 

It is possible to earn extremely high returns with relatively low setup costs by renting serviced accommodations. 

Moreover, serviced accommodations are highly preferred investment options for investors due to their multiple benefits.  

Earn guaranteed passive income 

The operator of the block where the serviced apartments are located is often the one who bears the risk of a vacancy if a serviced apartment becomes vacant. As a result, the operator leases each property from their owner for a fixed price and then rents those apartments out to people looking for accommodations every month.

A fixed-rate can be offered to the property owner in this model, and the property owner will receive passive income from the rental regardless of whether the unit is occupied. With this in mind, this reduces the likelihood of long periods of vacancy, which are often associated with other investment properties. 

Investing yields great returns 

The property owners of serviced apartments usually have a fixed price in the contract to protect their investment, and the rate of return is often much higher than it is for other residential properties. 

According to the Home Value Index, the average gross rental yield is 3% across all capital cities. Compared to serviced apartments, serviced apartments derby offer an average net rental yield of over 6% on a rental basis.  

No maintenance or repairs are required

Management companies are responsible for carrying out the maintenance and repairs of serviced apartments. Maintenance requests from property managers and tenant complaint letters will no longer need to be dealt with by the investors. 

A low level of involvement

Management companies handle everything after you purchase. Investors can invest in serviced apartments without being involved in management, but they operate similarly to hotels.

Rent is paid to the investors, who may use the property following their contracts.

Investment property management companies handle the housekeeping and cleaning for investors, giving them peace of mind.



The R2SA investment opportunity in Derby helps you stay on your investment journey. Need help with rent to serviced accommodation in Derby? If so, Pluxa Property can be your go-to solution to get the best investment deals. 

Being a professional property investment company and having served investors for over a decade, we have solved many serviced apartment issues for our clients.

The knowledge and experience of our team of property investment experts will help you make a massive impact on your investment landscape in the coming years. 

With our rent-to-rent service accommodation investment business plan, we’ll ensure you get the job done right and make money quickly.

Invest in your rent-to-service property wisely and achieve all your investment goals.


What is the use of service apartments?

Serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments available for short-term or long-term rental. They offer a range of amenities, housekeeping, and other services, including meals, linens, and other items, all of which are included in the rental price.

How to book a serviced apartment?

To book the serviced apartment, you need to start searching for it, give some time to research, reserve the time until you need the apartment facility, and then initiate the payment.

Can I book a hotel or a serviced apartment for my holidays?

Most serviced apartments provide you with a fully functional, furnished apartment, similar to what you would expect when renting an apartment at home. Hotels, on the other hand, charge more for convenience. Since serviced apartments are more private than hotels, they are highly preferred for holidays.


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