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Rent-to-rent HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancies)

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Are you looking for a cash-generating property investment strategy?

Are you having a good chunk of cash but looking for ways for property investment?

Rent-to-rent HMOs or houses of multiple occupancies are the ideal strategies for your property investment goals.

But before adapting to the HMO rent-to-rent property investment strategy, you must know different important segments.

From the cash flow of HMO for rent to avoiding a large deposit, we’ll help you acquire the right information about HMO properties for rent.

The third party, a person or a business, will take possession of the property for the time being and lease it to other tenants, who will pay them per their agreement. The renter is responsible for paying the tenant’s rent. 

Investing in HMO properties has many pros, including incomparable financial benefits, portfolio diversification, great rental yields, etc. 

If you want to learn more about HMOs, guaranteed rent in Birmingham, everything to keep in mind before investing in HMO in Birmingham, and more, continue reading.

Key Takeaways:

  • HMO landlords must provide renters with many services, including routine housekeeping, high-quality furniture, and good home appliances. 
  • HMO landlords must adhere to the laws of the council. 
  • There are well-established agencies in Birmingham that can help landlords with refurbishment, paperwork, and more. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Rent-to-rent HMO?

HMO rent-to-rent is where you rent a decent property from other landlords with their agreement and knowledge. You need to look for tenants to whom you can rent out the property for more than you pay the landlord.

In HMO to rent, the landlord has a property already set up as an HMO and is happy to rent you the property. It can help you save the money involved in setting up the HMO.

There can be multiple reasons the landlord does not want that property anymore, like a bad experience with tenants or letting agents. The landlords could be living in remote areas, making it difficult to look after their HMO properties to rent.

Most people manage their rental HMO property themselves because only a limited number of letting agents will manage HMOs.

But you can help the landlords to make more money and utilise their HMO property for rent to good effect.


How does the R2R HMO strategy work?

HMO property to rent is where you find someone who owns an HMO property. It could be an HMO that is not fully let out or a student HMO that no longer has student tenants lined up. 

The students might have failed their exams, or their group might have broken up before the beginning of the academic term. The landlord may be worried about having tenants for another year. 

You could take the HMO room to rent, which is currently empty, having no income, and pay the landlord half the income they get on average. 

It would be enough to cover the mortgage and make some profit for the landlord. You can then rent the HMO to the other tenants at full price. You then decide what amount you pay the landlord and what your profits are.

Maybe the landlord has the property but is a little tired or struggling to find tenants. You could execute a very light refurb and make it a desirable and rentable HMO property. 

Then rent out all the rooms to generate a steady income for yourself and the landlord. But you need to understand HMOs because you are technically running one. 

How much should you offer the landlord?

You should invest in a rent-to-rent HMO, which could make at least a £100 profit per month for a single room. So, for a five-bedroom investment, you want to make at least £500.

You must look at the gross rental income. If an HMO brings in £450 per room, the gross rent would be £2,250 per month. 

For example, if you want profits to be £500 per month or £100 per room, then you take the £500 off, and the gross rent becomes £1750.

With an HMO property, being the operator of the HMO, you need to pay all the bills, including the gas, council tax, TV license, electricity, and internet. 

The estimate of monthly bills on an HMO property could be £100 per room. So for a five-bedroom HMO, it would be £500 per month. 

You then subtract the £500 from the £1,750, which makes the gross rent £1,250. That’s the best you could pay the landlord. 

For example, if you wanted to earn a £500 profit and cover the bills at £500, the maximum you could pay the landlord would be £1,250. You could also negotiate a lower monthly fee to make more money.


Best Services for HMO Landlords

Many professionals and students opt to reside in HMOs since they have all the amenities and services they need.

Rental rooms are in high demand in both Birmingham and London. Investing in HMO for sale in Birmingham can help you maximise your profit margins. 

Although investing in HMOs has several benefits, managing them requires time and effort. Landlords must use a few key tools to efficiently manage their properties and guarantee the satisfaction of their tenants. 

Here is a list of some tools that an HMO landlord mandatorily requires to provide the best services: 

1. Routine Housekeeper

A housekeeper acts as a link between tenants and landlords. They will check on the property once a week and let the landlord know what needs to be fixed.

Tenants always discuss any issues at home with the housekeeper because they are confident they will receive a suitable resolution.

2. High-quality furniture

Everyone wants to be in a comfortable space, like their own house. Therefore, providing high-quality, comfortable furniture is important for a student or working professional to feel relaxed after a hard work day.

3. Good Home appliances

High-quality appliances last longer and are less likely to cause accidents. Therefore, if you have been renting to a tenant for a while, give them things of greater quality.

How Much Work Is Involved With R2R?

Regarding Rent to Rent HMO, you should understand that it is an active strategy. It’s not passive because you’re doing the work and putting in efforts to bring the tenants into the HMO property. 

You must ensure a strong rental demand to fill the property rooms. If the rooms are empty, your profits will be wiped out. 

So, a rent-to-rent HMO is a great strategy, but you must know what you’re doing in HMOs. You also have to ensure your HMO investment is in an area with high demand for accommodation.

You can also take professional help from the leading property investment advisors in the country to minimise the risk in HMO let investment.

Summing It Up

You must hire or consult a professional in the rented service industry to ensure that you don’t face complications while dealing with a rent-to-rent HMO property agreement and that your rental property investment payoffs are great.

The UK provides excellent opportunities to invest and create a rental income source. Choose the ‘Rent to Rent HMO’ business model with finesse.

Pluxa Property services can ensure you make better property investment decisions and most of the rent-to-rent HMO business model.

We are a leading property deal packaging and sourcing company that stands out from the rest and ensures you invest in properties offering a high yield.

Being the No.1 company for rental property investment in the UK, we offer the best property deals to provide you with great long-term returns and assist you in achieving your financial goals.



Is it still worth investing in HMO property in the UK?

Yes, it’s worth investing in HMO property in the UK because of the rising demand for rental properties. People are looking for good and decent accommodations, and investing in HMO property can help you generate a steady income.

Is investing in rental property a good idea?

Investing in HMOs near me is an excellent idea during a time when the rental rates are rising. You can extract great rental yield from HMO property investment, which can cover your expenses and generate decent profits.


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