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London is among the best destination in the UK, especially for investors who want to generate constant income from the property. But it is equally challenging to choose as many investors have already picked the best properties. 

According to reports, it has been found that the average house price in England has gone up by 10.3% over the previous year, whereas the price in London has increased by 6.5%. 

It may seem drastic, but it is not, because you have to verify each property, check the report for it, and take time to visit each property and know the list goes on. But what if you can get all this under one roof? 

This is possible by having a rent-to-rent website at your access. Such a website allows you to gather all the details about deals and discounts and get aware of every aspect of the property. 

Such a website even allows one to understand the perspective of other investors who have tried their hand at such property. For example, if you find any attractive deal in London, you can access the rent-to-rent website to check the review and explore its legitimacy. 

Whether you want a property for rent, lease, or anything, rent to rent website in London has the best to offer. 

If you need clarification with the site. We’ve compiled a list of the best rent websites in London that will make finding the right rent site easier. As well as this, we have compiled some information for you, so you can make an informed choice about what suits you best.

Key takeaways 

  • The rent-to-rent website gives you the best opportunity to lock on your favourite investment deals that will fulfill your investment goals. 
  • London is the best and most prominent place. It is perfect for all investors to start generating rapid income. 
  • When you have the best agents at your access to get the best deals on your rental market. 

List of Top 5 rent-to-rent websites in London


Let’s go to one of London’s most renowned and best rental websites, Zoopla. Several best-renting websites in London have popped up in London in recent years, offering a multitude of features for renters of houses in the area. 

Property listings for all properties, including houses, apartments, farms, and more (residential and commercial properties). It is also possible to contact the property agents directly through Zoopla besides seeing the listing. 

As you can see, the main point of interest and all the property features are shown, and the floor plans are also there.

One of the best features of Zoopla that you can set up on the map will show you only properties falling within the area you have marked, and it is one of the most valuable features of Zoopla.



A feature of Gumtree that you may need to become more familiar with is that it is a free and best website for London apartments that lets you list your property and see other listings in your area, unlike the other websites.

This website has numerous categories, including jobs, furniture, apartments, and cars. It is not just a website for houses; it covers various categories.

Using Gumtree as a rental site has several benefits, such as sending and receiving messages, posting and managing your ads, rating other properties, marking favourite ads for future viewing, and choosing alerts to receive updates about new properties that come on the market.

PA Property Sourcing 

Pluxa Property Sourcing company is one of the best websites for renting in London, allowing you to take advantage of the best property investment deals. From counting on buy to let investment deals to rent to serviced accommodation, you will find everything under one roof.

On the Pluxa Property Sourcing website, you will get the best interface that will allow you to compare the properties and list down the best ones. 



There are a variety of the best rental sites in London that people can use to advertise their listings for free to attract buyers. One such website is SpareRoom.

The website is one of the best you can find online when searching for houses to rent or “lodgers” with spare rooms that can be rented out. SpareRoom has been considered one of the busiest and most active websites, and many results claim that a flat is offered for rent every three minutes, making SpareRoom the busiest site.

It is also worth pointing out that SpareRoom is a very safe website, and it has a team of moderators that work 7 days a week to ensure accurate ads and content and remove dead listings from the website.


PrimeLocation provides the best property solutions throughout the London area for both buyers and renters.

Considering the features and accessibility of PrimeLocation, it is quite similar to Zoopla as far as features and accessibility are concerned. Buyers looking for luxury or premium property listings should try PrimeLocation if they are considering them.

The advanced search functions on this property website are similar to those found on other websites in that they enable tenants and buyers to be more specific in their search to locate the perfect property for their needs.



Do you need help with your property investment in London? If so, Pluxa Property is the best rent-to-rent website to count on. We at Pluxa Property sourcing have the best ongoing buy-to-let deals to fulfill all your investment goals. 

With our decade of experience in the real estate industry, we have the best team looking forward to getting you the best deals. If you are confused about deciding on the best property or want to determine whether you are getting the best deals, we are the solution.

Count on us to get the best deals and expect great investments that generate passive income.


How to rent a property in London?

It is essential to find a suitable tenant for your property in London who pays their rent on time, or else you can hire an agent to handle this for you. We at P&A sourcing, we have the best sourcing company allowing you to keep on top of the investment deals.

What’s a reasonable rent in London?

Undoubtedly, in the year 2023, for a single individual, the average monthly expenditure for living in London will amount to over £3000 per month.


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