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Nowadays, there are a large number of investment hotspots in the UK, but among all, Derby is performing much better. Particularly in terms of rent to accommodation investment options. To any investor, good returns drive them to put their money into the property, and rent to serviced accommodation in Derby is well upon that and gives you the best of the best returns. With this investment option, you can always add value to your investment portfolio and earn a constant return.

It is not surprising that Derby has quickly become one of the top places to invest in the UK, based on its recent performance and promising prospects. Derby is also a key city in a fast-growing region within the East Midlands. 

Depending on the success of the city’s regeneration schemes, property prices could rise by up to 24% in 2025 as more employees flock to the city.

Continue reading the article to explore why serviced accommodation in Derby is beneficial for investors out there! 

Key takeaways 

  • Real estate agents can serve you best in managing the rent to serviced apartments. 
  • Serviced apartments in Derby are the perfect investment option that helps you generate consistent passive income.
  • Derby is the best destination for rent to serviced accommodation that gets you good returns.

Benefits of R2SA Accommodation in Derby

Inflow of revenue

When it comes to owning a Derby serviced apartment, a property can bring a lot of returns to an investor, as this type of investment allows them to maximize their profits. Serviced accommodation establishments take advantage of their USPs to showcase their properties’ most attractive aspects, allowing them to showcase their USPs effectively. 

A lodger in serviced accommodation can stay short or long, but short-term stays are the most commonly booked. 

To earn a higher revenue on their investment, an investor can rent their property out to multiple tenants over one month instead of renting out their property as a buy-to-let. 


The most common way investors handle the rentals of their rent to serviced accommodation in the UK is by hiring another company to take over the process, allowing them to stay hands-off. In some cases, this can prove to be a very daunting experience for investors, as the inability to establish a relationship with the occupants makes their nerves jangle, as they have no possibility of doing this with buy-to-let investments. 

Investors with no experience investing in accommodation to rent in Derby may find it difficult to trust their lodgers due to this lack of relationship. However, occupants of serviced accommodations tend to be highly respectful and take good care of the facilities. 

It is flexible

Having a company that manages rental properties on behalf of investors is one of the key advantages of hiring another company to run such rentals because it allows them greater flexibility. In this style, investors can be either hands-on or hands-off with their investment properties as they see fit. 

As a result of short-term stays, investors can manage maintenance at their convenience and avoid disrupting occupants (unless the repair is urgent, of course). Investing in this manner reduces the possibility of investors experiencing stress when unexpected circumstances arise. 

No need to manage the hassle of maintenance and repairs

One of the vital factors of investing in rent to services accommodation is that you do not have to take the hassle of repairs and maintenance on your shoulders. It is the property manager’s responsibility to look after all the repairs and maintenance. 

As a result, the only thing you will have to do is invest your money in an R2SA property, sit back, and relax. 

Good returns

Considering that the property owner will receive a fixed rate of return according to the agreement, the owner can achieve higher returns than those from similar properties.

It should also be noted that the owners do not have to worry about the void period of the buildings because the management gets to lease them out to long-term and short-term tenants.

Regardless of your point of view on the issue, when it comes to finding tenants for serviced apartments, it’s quicker and easier than with other types of rentals.

Rental income is good with them

In the owner/operator agreement, the operator assumes all risks, and the owner ensures that.

This means they can acquire a lease from the current owner of an apartment for a fixed weekly or monthly fee and then lease out that apartment to travellers who need a place to stay while they are on vacation.

In this model, the owner has a fixed rate at the time mutually agreed upon, regardless of whether the flat is occupied, and the owner receives that fixed rate at the agreed-upon time.



Choosing a UK property sourcer in Derby who is reputable, compliant, and experienced in helping clients get the best R2SA deals is crucial for all property buyers. 

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