Top 3 Benefits of Rent to Serviced Accommodation in York

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As one of the best cities in the UK, York is one of the best in the UK. It has been reported that York home prices increased 13.2% from the previous year, with a median value of $200,000 for homes sold in December 2022. Despite booming markets, rent to serviced accommodation in York remains an excellent investment opportunity over others. 

As more and more people are moving into York city, the demand for York serviced apartments is predicted to increase over others.

For relocation, r2sa in York is a fantastic alternative to hotels and offers a long-term return on investment. Thus, making it a worthwhile option for investors to make the most of the investment.

This article guides the top benefits of rent to serviced accommodation in York. 

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in real estate can lead to a considerable profit for investors due to income and appreciation from rental properties and profits generated by servicing accommodations. 
  • To gain the biggest returns, consider investing in rent to serviced accommodation since this will provide you with passive income, stability in your cash flow, tax benefits, diversification, and leverage.
  • Choosing a real estate agent to assist you with every step will ensure you get the best value on a serviced apartment rental. 

What Is Serviced Accommodation?

There is a type of accommodation called serviced accommodation, where a property is rented out for a very short period. There is a similarity to a hotel room. Most people who stay there are business travellers on vacation or on a local business trip. It’s not their style to spend days and days in a hotel if they don’t have to.

Rather than renting a room, they would rather have an apartment where they have their bathroom and bedroom. Besides having a washing machine in the kitchen, they prefer one with a dishwasher. There is also a living room where you can sit and relax while having a cup of tea. Thus, living in a hotel room is much less appealing than living in a home. 

Benefits of Rent to Serviced Accommodation in York

Investing in serviced apartments may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about potential options for property investment. Still, there are many compelling reasons why you should be considering this option.

  1. Maintaining a reliable cash flow

As a serviced apartment owner, you know that your rental income will be guaranteed each month and that you can rely on that money. As an alternative to leasing an apartment directly from an owner, you enter into a long-term contract with the serviced apartment manager instead of renting now from the landlord. Eventually, the management company will pay you your agreed rental rate during the lease term, usually following a pre-negotiated rental review to ensure your rental rate is fair. 

  1. Maintenance

The peace of mind of owning a rent-to-serviced accommodation in the UK comes from knowing that the operator takes care of the day-to-day maintenance. It is included in the lease that daily room cleaning, minor repairs, and any accidental damage will be addressed without prior notice to the landlord. As a result, the landlord can rest knowing that the apartment is constantly being looked after. Like any other investment property, landlords are responsible for major repairs and handle any appliance replacements.

  1. Charges are lower

A major attraction of r2sa property is that there are no surprises like hidden costs involved. Serviced apartments come with several outgoings that are normally the landlord’s responsibility, which the tenant usually pays. Unlike traditional estate agents, you won’t have to pay management fees to look after your investment, and you won’t have to pay letting fees, which means you will receive a higher return when you buy a property.

  1. Rental yields are higher

Research conducted by JLL found that residential yields over the long term usually end up at 3-4%, while apartment yields over a long time often reach 6.5-9% compared with serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments generally target a different type of tenant than regular apartments because of their location. There is a growing demand for serviced apartments among tourists and business travellers willing to spend a little more to indulge in a bit of luxury.

Are Serviced Apartments Right for You?

As a new investment opportunity, serviced apartments have a variety of benefits for investors. However, there are better options for some. In contrast to traditional buy-to-let properties, serviced apartments are more time-consuming to manage than conventional buy-to-let properties regarding their day-to-day maintenance.

As a result, you should seriously consider whether you are capable of managing a serviced apartment by yourself or whether you will require assistance.



Staying on your investment journey is easy with the R2SA investment opportunity in York. Do you need assistance with renting serviced apartments in York? Then Pluxa Property could be your solution for finding the best investment deals. 

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We at Pluxa Property have the knowledge and experience to help you make a huge impact on your investment landscape in the coming years by being headed by a team of property investment experts. 

Achieve all your investment goals with a rent-to-service property.


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