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Are you looking for an ideal serviced apartment investment?

R2SA (Rent to Serviced Accommodation) is one of the most profitable ways to get into property investment without purchasing a house or apartment. 

It works for investors with minimal investment amounts and landlords with less time for maintenance.

But before investing in an R2SA, you must be clear about the different aspects of rent-to-serviced accommodation.

We will address multiple aspects of R2SA investment to help you get a clear view of the investment in serviced accommodation.

Let’s discuss the R2SA business plan and help you streamline your investment decision.

Rent To Serviced Accommodation Business Plan (R2SA)

Rent-to-rent serviced accommodation is a property business that lets you control a property without owning it. You rent the property from the owner and then look for clients on platforms such as Airbnb to rent it out as a holiday let. 

R2SA property meaning refers to renting a property rather than owning it. As an investor or serviced accommodation operator, you rent a property from the owner with permission to use it as a short-let.

If you choose the correct contracts and follow the right path, R2SA is legal and a win-win for you and the landlord. 

But how to start with your R2SA property investments?

You can start with a tailored business model focused on your target clientele and suitable properties.  

For example, if you are looking to invest in popular holiday destinations, your target audience is travellers who can stay for 1-2 weeks or even longer. Short-term tenants will stay for limited days and can pay you more. Also, travellers don’t mind paying more for a taste of luxe, as they are just there to unwind or for a quick look around the town.

But if you want to invest in cities with corporate customers, they can help you generate a long-term rental income. Long-term contracts can help you secure maximum occupancy. Corporate firms need serviced accommodation for their employees. You can offer bundled rates to attract potential customers to your serviced accommodations. Companies can take up your bundle price because of the long duration of the stays.

Here’s the process you can follow for investing in an R2SA in the United Kingdom:


1. Sourcing the right property

Ensure you choose the best location in the city to attract more eyeballs and create a high-potential rental source generation opportunity.

You can choose the ideal location for investment based on your preference for renting contracts.

Finding properties close to major hospitals, universities, airports, or city centres is advisable. These areas are goldmines and tend to do well throughout the year. 

Also, invest in a property well connected to other parts of the city through trains, buses, cabs, etc.  

Depending on your clientele, you can search for properties close to tourist spots, restaurants, parks, pubs, etc. Areas with low crime rates can also do well. 

2. Setting up the property

Once you spot the right investment location, you must complete all the requirements with the landlord and fulfill all the legalities. 

Then start setting up the property for renting out to your potential customers.

3. Refurbishing and redecorating the property

Add or remove things based on your preference and make the property attractive and appealing for short-term or long-term stays.

You also need to ensure that you maintain the property for the long run and provide an excellent experience to the customers for positive word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Marketing the property

Focus on marketing your property and ensure you connect with your potential customers. Implement different marketing strategies and increase serviced apartment visibility on the internet for increased customer requirements and bookings.

But you can also avail of professional serviced accommodation investment services to bypass the hassle and create a steady income flow.


Serviced Accommodation Investment Services

The R2SA investment services can help you minimize the hassles while searching, refurbishing, and marketing your R2SA property.

The service providers can handle different aspects with finesse and help you get the best ROI for your investment. The services ensure your serviced apartment can attract almost 100% of the bookings with effective marketing strategies.

But choosing a professional serviced accommodation investment service provider can be hectic. That’s where we’ve got you covered.

You can choose Pluxa Property to get the best deals if you want the best-serviced accommodation investment services.

With over years of experience in helping investors and being a professional property investment company, we have solved our clients’ serviced apartment management issues.

Pluxa Property is created by a team of property investment experts to transform the property investment landscape with their knowledge and experience. So, put your savings towards securing high income by choosing Pluxa Property as your go-to property investor.

We can help you play your cards right and ensure you can make a lot of money really fast with your rent-to-rent service accommodation investment business plan.

Make a wise decision and accomplish your investment goals for your rent-to-serviced property investment with our property investment services.


What is the use of service apartments?

A serviced apartment is a well-furnished apartment available for short-term and long-term stays. It can offer amenities for daily use, housekeeping, and other services, all included in the rental price. It’s different from a hotel stay as it offers space, convenience, and privacy like at home.

As a traveller, would you go for a service apartment or hotel?

As a traveller, if you are travelling in a group, you should rent an apartment irrespective of the duration of your stay because ​​serviced apartments have a homely environment compared to hotels. You also get your space to work, cook, relax and sleep. But you can choose hotels if you travel solo on a short trip.

Why are service apartments better than hotels?

Multiple reasons can be stated to highlight why service apartments are better than hotels, but a few are cost-effectiveness, freedom to cook your favourite healthy meal, and is highly spacious. Service apartments can also offer luxury, extra amenities, and hotel features.


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