Tips for Rent-to-Rent or Rent-to-Serviced Accommodation Deals

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Rent to serviced accommodation in the UK is no longer an alternative to hotels. R2SA is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the industry’s quick adjustment to the latest trends. 

Despite its growing popularity, many rent-to-rent property deals are ineffective, which can minimize your ROI on your investment.  

To make the most of the rent-to-rent opportunities, we have compiled a list of top tips to make in rent-to-rent service accommodation deals.

Using these tips you can get the best outcome and achieve your desired outcome by being a result-oriented property investor.

But before we jump to the core topic, let’s clear our basics.

Rent 2 Rent Contracts

Before investing in accommodation to rent in the UK, you must understand the rent-to-serviced accommodation contract.

You must create an agreement to complete the accommodation-to-rent deal in the UK. The agreement can ensure you don’t get into trouble because of future misunderstandings.

Broadly there are two types of contracts in an R2SA deal.

  • Short-term contracts 

The agreement offers you personal use of the property. The property operator will allow the property’s guests or tenants when the property is vacant. 

However, it means you cannot commit to long-term tenants. Short-term agreements are great for you if you want to use the apartment as a holiday home.

rent-to-rent opportunities
  • Long-term contracts

The long-term contracts lead to your service apartment like a hotel room. You can commit to using it as an investment property. You cannot use it for personal use, but you can advertise your property to tenants throughout the year.

Once you know your preference for contracts, you can manage your property well. It can help you make your rent-to-serviced accommodation investment in the UK and provide great ROI.

Rent to Rent and Serviced Accommodation Property

Before moving, you should look at the advantages of investing in rent-to-rent and serviced accommodation property.

1. Steady Rental Income

A few months without tenants can be troublesome for your rental property investment. With rent-to-rent, you don’t have the burden of attracting tenants. The property operators handle the tenant management.

Once operators lease the apartment using a lease agreement, you get a fixed price agreed with them. Whether there are tenants in the apartment, you’ll get your promised sum according to the agreement.

2. Great Rental Returns

Your agreement has a fixed price which offers multiple advantages. It can help you manage your rental cash flow, you don’t have to track unexpected maintenance issues. You can enjoy substantial rental returns compared to a residential-type investment.

In multiple cases, R2SA investment in the UK gives double the returns of residential investment.

3. No repair work

Ongoing repair creates the highest expense for a property investor. Budgeting for repair and maintenance is one of the property investment basics.

But when you invest in serviced apartments, the property operator takes on the responsibility of keeping the apartment in great condition. The operator also handles your serviced accommodation’s active maintenance and repair work.


Guide to serviced accommodation

To avail of the benefits that come with serviced accommodation, you must know the tips for rent-to-rent or rent-to-serviced accommodation deals.

  • Get down to the basics of R2SA 

You must calculate the value of the service apartment you want to invest in to get a decent idea about your investment. It can give you heads-up for your R2SA deal and provide you with the best offers.  

  • Monitor trends 

It is sensible to track the latest trends in the real estate industry. It can help you avoid making bad investments. You can also predict the future investment results of professionally serviced accommodation. 

  • Manage your mortgage

You should be aware of the latest mortgage rates and associate with the best financial to get financial assistance for your R2SA property investment. You can try negotiating with the parties involved to find the best deal for your property investment. 

  • Check the compliance

With increasing serviced accommodations being built, you must look for legitimate ones. You should choose only those properties which conform to the service accommodation regulations.

It can help you escape future troubles and help you further sublet your property operator to generate a steady rental income flow.

  • Choose the best investment services

You should associate with a leading property investment service provider who can help you minimize the hassles in making the R2SA deals.

You can get the best options based on your preference to invest in a serviced apartment. From financing to paperwork, the service provider can help you get the best output from your investment and minimize your property investment risk. 

rent-to-serviced accommodation


The R2SA investment services can help you escape the hassles of renting such as searching for clients, refurbishing, and marketing your R2SA property.

But choosing a professional serviced accommodation investment service provider can be hectic. That’s where we’ve got you covered.

Choose Pluxa Property to get the best deals if you want the best-serviced accommodation investment services.

Make a wise decision to achieve great financial success for your rent-to-serviced property investment in the UK with our property investment company.

How well should I maintain my rental properties?

Your rental property should be clean and attractive to ensure tenants choose your place and offer you a great asking price. You can also associate with a professional, guaranteed rent company or agents to escape the hassle of managing and attracting the right tenants for your property. The agents or guaranteed rent company can pay you a fixed rent for a specific time.

What is the best way to rent to own a property?

Signing a lease contract is the best way to rent to own a property. You should ensure you state all your preferred conditions in a rent-to-own property and that there are no hidden points in the agreement that you are unaware of.

What helps in property management?

You can outsource your work to a professional who can help you with property management and ensure you get the best results. From advertising your rental property to qualify tenants, from collecting rent to making deals, a professional can help you with effective property management.


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