Navigating Challenges: Common Pitfalls in Serviced Accommodation Investing and How to Avoid Them

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Have you ever considered diving into the world of serviced accommodation investing? Is it the right move for your property portfolio?

You’re not alone if you answered ‘yes’ to both questions. Many property investors in the UK recognise this lucrative sector’s potential.

According to a recent report by Statista, the real estate sector in the UK saw a turnover of over 65 billion British pounds in 2022.

This impressive figure underscores the significance of the property market, especially in a post-pandemic world where the dynamics of work and travel have shifted.

Knowing the pitfalls in serviced accommodation investing is essential with such promising prospects.

But, as with any investment, there are challenges to navigate. Let’s dive into the world of serviced accommodation and explore how to overcome common pitfalls, ensuring a smooth sailing investment journey.

Key takeaway: 

  • From planning permissions to licensing, regulatory hurdles can impact serviced accommodation investments.
  • Location-specific challenges, including local demand and seasonality, require thorough research and understanding.

Understanding the Landscape of Serviced Accommodation Investing

Serviced accommodation is a hotel but with the comfort and space of a home.

 Instead of renting out a property for months or years, serviced accommodation offers fully furnished properties for short-term stays.

Here are the top benefits of serviced accommodation investing:

  • Higher Financial Returns: One of the biggest draws for property investors is the potential for increased income. For example, a flat in London might rent for £1,500 a month on a traditional lease. But as serviced accommodation, it could earn £100 a night. If it’s booked for just 20 nights a month, that’s already £2,000!

    The model not only offers a higher revenue stream but also capitalizes on peak demand periods, ensuring that every square foot of your property works harder for your financial benefit.

  • Flexibility: Short-term rentals are not tied to extended lease agreements. You can adjust prices based on demand, like hiking rates, during a big city event. Imagine a significant event rolling into town – a music festival, a sports finale, or an international conference. With serviced accommodation, you can effortlessly adjust your rates to reflect this surge in demand, ensuring you maximize your returns during high-demand periods.

  • Property Care: At first glance, short-term rentals might seem like a management-intensive venture. But there’s a silver lining. With guests coming and going, these properties undergo regular cleaning and maintenance checks. The frequent attention to detail means wear and tear are quickly spotted and addressed. Over time, this consistent care can result in the property retaining its appeal. 

Now, while the landscape seems promising, it still needs its pitfalls. Let’s delve into the top 5 challenges you might face in serviced accommodation investing and how to navigate them.

5 Serviced Accommodation Investing Pitfalls

Navigating the world of serviced accommodation investing can be both rewarding and challenging. Like any investment, understanding potential pitfalls is crucial. Let’s delve into these challenges and break them down with relatable examples.

1. Over-reliance on One Platform
By heavily depending on a single platform, such as Airbnb, you expose yourself to risks specific to that platform. It could be sudden policy changes, fee adjustments, or temporary shutdowns. 

It’s akin to having just one favourite restaurant. You’ll yearn for alternatives if that place suddenly closes or drastically changes its menu.

2. Ignoring the Guest Experience
The success of serviced accommodation largely hinges on the quality of the guest experience. A single negative review or feedback can deter future bookings, impacting revenue. Think of it as hosting a dinner party. If guests find the ambience uninviting, they might think twice before attending your next event.

3. Slacking on Property Upkeep
Maintaining the property isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring longevity and enhancing the guest experience. You could face escalating repair costs and unhappy guests if regular maintenance is overlooked. 

    The scenario is similar to owning a car. Regular oil changes and check-ups prevent larger, more expensive issues down the road.

    4. Blindness to Local Regulations
    Every region or city has its own set of regulations for short-term rentals. Overlooking these can lead to legal issues, hefty fines, or even the shutdown of your rental operations. It’s much like driving in a foreign country. You’re at risk of violations and penalties without knowledge of the local traffic rules.

      5. Navigating Without a Financial Compass
      A clear and robust financial strategy is the backbone of any successful investment. It means planning for off-peak seasons, setting aside funds for unexpected expenses, and ensuring a positive cash flow. 

        Imagine embarking on a road trip without checking your fuel gauge or mapping out petrol stations along the route. You could end up stranded, turning your adventure into a misadventure.

        You’re better equipped to navigate the challenges by grasping these serviced accommodation investing pitfalls.

        But if you find it overwhelming to bypass the pitfalls, Pluxa Property serviced accommodation services have you covered. 

        Partnering for Success in Serviced Accommodation Investments

        At Pluxa Property, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of this sector. Our vast network and years of experience position us as a guiding light for investors venturing into serviced accommodation.

        Our role goes beyond just offering advice. We’re here to ensure that your investment aligns perfectly with your objectives, promising returns and optimal ones. With us, you’re not merely entering the market but armed with a strategy meticulously crafted for success. 

        From understanding the nuances of local market dynamics to devising effective pricing strategies and building valuable local partnerships, we’ve got you covered.

        The future of serviced accommodation in the UK is undoubtedly promising. However, having the right partner is crucial to harness its potential. 

        With Pluxa Property, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partnership designed to illuminate your investment journey.

        Contact us now to learn more.


        What regulatory hurdles should I be aware of when investing in serviced accommodation?

        When investing in serviced accommodation in the UK, it’s crucial to be aware of several regulatory aspects:

        • Planning Permission
        • Health and Safety Regulations
        • Licensing
        • Tax Implications
        • Insurance

        Are there specific location-related pitfalls to watch out for?

        Yes, when considering locations for serviced accommodation investments, keep the following in mind:

        • Local Demand
        • Local Regulations
        • Infrastructure and Amenities
        • Future Developments
        • Seasonality


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