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According to the Bank of Spain, the property price in Spain rose by 2.59% to €1,662 per square meter in Q3 2021.

Different properties in Spain, like existing and new dwellings, are witnessing a price rise of up to 4% and are expected to rise in the coming years. 

The house prices in Spain are rising, and it’s a great time for you to invest in Spain’s growing real estate industry to gain an income flow and expand your assets overseas.

So, being a foreigner, what steps can you take to invest in the Spain property market?

What is the best Spain property to buy?

We’ll discuss the details about investing in a real estate property in Spain and help you achieve the results without hassles.

Property for Sale in Spain

Spain is like a second home and favourite holiday destination for people from the United Kingdom and European countries. Over 13% of the foreign-owned homes across Spain are in British hands.

For many years, the cities, towns, and coastal resources have offered something special to the international real estate market.

Some expensive properties in Spain are found in Madrid, and Barcelona, among others. Investing in the suburbs compared to the city centre can be inexpensive but promises a limited ROI.

Different coastal areas offer a wide range of housing to find a decent property within your budget.

Look at the overview of how much house price in Spain costs per square meter, across different parts of the country,

LocationSpanish house prices
Santa Cruz de Tenerife€1527
Palma de Mallorca€2897

The Spain house price can vary based on the type of property you want to invest in. You can consult your investment advisor to get the best prices and locations based on your budget.

Spanish Property for Sale

Investing in Spain’s real-estate industry offers great potential for your future. Some investment areas prove better than others and offer great ROI for buy-to-let potential.

Sustainable urban planning projects and developing infrastructure showcase a higher capital appreciation upon selling. It can help you earn healthy profits over a few years and deliver a great ROI.

Property prices in Spain have been rising since 2016. The healthy tourism industry and well-performing economy also play a great role in fueling the Spanish housing market.

If you want to purchase a property, the housing prices in Spain are influenced by the place you want to choose to invest in.

Here are the best places to buy property in Spain and increase your long-term gain from foreign real-estate investments.

  1. Alicante 

The region and the city of Alicante are highly popular with the United Kingdom and international property investors. 

The sandy beaches, traditional Spanish influences, palm-tree-lined boulevards, and lovely warm climate of the region make it a great place to invest and get highly lucrative long-term ROI or rental income.

  1. Costa del Sol

Most Brits prefer Costa del Sol for holiday or relocation. The beautiful beaches, stunning Andalusian landscapes, sparkling waters, and the coastal region makes it a highly desired investment location.

Also, the southern coast gets great sunshine compared to the United Kingdom and offers decent weather for holidays or permanent relocation moves. 

  1. Valencia

An attractive spot for UK ex-pats, the Valencia region and the city offer a great ecosystem for making investments and purchasing Spain property for sale. 

The modern architecture, cultural sceneries, and some of the best paella make the cooler north of Spain a decent investment place to get higher returns or rental yield.

  1. Benidorm

A popular place for British holidaymakers and retirees, the sandy beaches of Benidorm offer a great investment opportunity. You can earn great long-term returns with the increasing property demand due to great transport connectivity, restaurants, bars, and shops.

The Spain property prices for these regions vary based on demand and prospects. You can dig deeper into these popular locations to make the final transaction. 

Coastal Properties for Sale in Spain

Coastal regions in Spain are the most popular areas and offer high profitability due to the unique dry microclimate and warm winters.

Despite the rise in prices, multiple coastal properties are still available in regions like Barcelona, Alicante, Málaga, and Valencia, where you can invest and achieve a higher return.

The tourism sector in these coastal regions is also rising steadily, and multiple resorts, restaurants, hotels, and homestays have become an investment focus in the United Kingdom.

If you are thinking of making an investment decision in Spain, now is the time to make a move.


The 13% transactions in purchasing properties in Spain by foreigners prove the popularity among international property investors.

Spain offers a great opportunity for you to generate a steady rental income or long-term ROI by investing in the country’s real estate sector.

You can consult a professional property consultant in the UK to make a secure and reliable foreign investment. 

Pluxa Property’s services can assist you in making better property investments in Spain and ensure you don’t drain your funds in a depreciating region.

We are a leading property deal sourcing and property consultant company to help you invest in properties offering a high yield.

Being the No. 1 property investment company in the UK, get the best deals to invest in Spain and great long-term returns.


What is the best property search site for Spain?

You can search for great investment properties in Spain using different property search sites like Fotocasa.es, Idealista.com, Enalquiler.com, and Pisos.com.

What is the best place to buy an apartment in Spain?

Alicante is the most popular location where you can purchase an apartment in Spain. Over 43% of house sales are made in the region, and it offers a higher ROI than other parts of the country.

What are your tips for buying property in Spain?

You can follow a few tips before purchasing a property in Spain for sale, like researching an ideal location with a higher ROI prospect, overall transaction expense, and a professional property investment company to get you the best deals.


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