5 Tips to Optimize Your R2SA for Corporate Clients

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Key takeaways: 

  • Know how to optimize your R2SA for corporate clients with 5 proven tips for property investors.
  • Associate with professionals in property investment and sourcing companies who can help you maximize your returns with finesse.

Are you looking to maximize your ROI from your R2SA (rent to serviced accommodation) property investment strategy?

Do you want to transform your properties into a magnet for business travelers?

Then you are at the right place and at the right time. 

Focusing on corporate clients can become the best decision in your property investment journey because the UK was the sixth largest source of business travel spending worldwide in 2021. 

So, hold on to your bowler hats.

Let’s go through the nitty-gritty details that can help you optimize R2SA for corporate clients.

5 Proven Tips to Improve R2SA Client Experience

You can scroll through the internet and find multiple sources that provide a general overview of optimizing your R2SA client experience. 

But there’s a gap when we specifically focus on corporate clients. 

So, we did the hard work for you and compiled a list of five proven tips to optimize your R2SA for corporate clients. 

The location of your property is important

Do you know the secret sauce to attract more business travelers?

Ensure that your property is situated in a prime location with excellent transportation. 


Business travelers don’t want to waste their time looking for transportation services in the city. They want to get things done in time, even if there’s a day off, and they want to explore the city. 

Being near city centers, airports, major businesses, or hospitals can increase inquiry and occupancy rates with consistent demand. 

So, if your property is not ideally located in a prime location, you might have to rethink its location. You can sell underperforming properties in less desirable areas and reinvest in more lucrative markets.

Always stay informed about market trends and potential shifts in business travel patterns to adapt your investment strategy accordingly.

Tailor your offerings for corporate clients

While optimizing your R2SA for corporate clients, you have put your feet in their shoes. 

You have to understand corporate clients’ specific requirements compared to other holiday travelers. 

Corporate clients seek long-term stays and value convenience along with luxury. 

Apart from easy transportation access, you can offer tailored solutions, such as bundled rates for extended stays, making your properties more appealing. 

Also, ensure that the properties are well-furnished and include high-quality amenities.

Insight: Actively seek feedback from your corporate tenants to continuously refine and improve your offerings. The feedback loop can help you understand the gaps in your service and what differentiates your property in a competitive market.

Associate with corporate housing providers

Suppose your R2SA property offers easy transportation access and has all the amenities the corporate clients seek.

But how to attract the ideal corporate clients? 

That’s where you have to build healthy relationships with corporate housing providers, who can help you streamline the process of finding corporate tenants. 

These providers have the experience of connecting landlords with the right corporate clients based on the requirements and offerings. 

These professionals can help you with client interaction, allowing you to escape the hassles of managing the rental process and focus on other important investment calls.

Effective property management

Your R2SA properties require ongoing maintenance, cleaning, and guest communication. 

And when it comes to corporate clients, you have to set up the maintenance game. They want a well-maintained property that can give a home-like experience away from home. 

If you can’t handle cleaning and maintaining your serviced apartment, hire professionals to handle the task.

Don’t neglect the task because of lack of manpower. 

Effective property management can help ensure that the guest experience matches the price you want to charge.

This is because It’s not just about offering them a roof and a Wi-Fi password.

It’s about creating a home away from home that even the pickiest CFO would tweet about.

Marketing and online visibility

While associating with professionals can help you escape the hassles of client interaction and lead generation, don’t forget to ask them about the solid marketing strategies that can improve your online visibility. 

Do you know why?

Corporate decision-makers often research potential accommodations through digital channels. With increased internet and mobile penetration, you can’t ignore improving your digital footprint. 

Focus on actively marketing your R2SA properties through online platforms like OTAs (online travel agents) and websites.

With a strong online presence focused on corporate clients, you can maximize your rental stream and achieve your desired results. 

But choosing the right professional company is a task at hand. 

Choose Pluxa Property as Your Trusted Partner

We, at Pluxa Property, specialize in assisting investors and landlords in achieving high returns through strategic property investments. 

As a leading UK property investment firm, Pluxa Property specializes in building and managing rent-to-rent serviced accommodation (R2SA) portfolios. 

We have over 100 R2SA properties in our portfolio and work closely with small and large investors, ranging from single-unit to 20–30 unit portfolios. 

Contact us now and our R2SA property investment experts to kick-start your optimization process for corporate clients. 


How can I optimize my R2SA for maximum corporate benefit?

To optimize your rent to serviced accommodation (R2SA) for corporate clients, focus on these key areas:

  • Location: Choose properties near business hubs and transport links.
  • Customization: Tailor services to meet the specific needs of business travelers.
  • Partnerships: Collaborate with corporate housing providers for steady client flow.
  • Maintenance: Keep properties well-maintained and equipped with high-quality amenities.
  • Marketing: Employ targeted digital marketing strategies to reach corporate clients effectively.

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