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Are you thinking about property investment in UK? Our detailed step by step beginner guide will kick start your career in the UK property market. Property Investment in UK can lead you to excellent cash flow opportunities. Before starting with the tips, let’s understand what exactly is property investment. A property which is purchased to generate a return on investment is known as an investment property. 

There are many benefits to investing in properties. Still, the significant two ways are ”regular rental returns” and “returns on future resale” of property which grows in its value or even both.

‘Buy to let’ property investment is one of the most lucrative ways to make the most out of your savings, and many people are now seeking out advice to get into property investment.

There are several things that you should keep in mind when you start thinking about “how to invest in property”, “where you are going to invest”, “Which type of property do you want to buy” and “what are the tax implications on your investment” and many more.

Here are some tips and advice for you before you start property investment in UK. These tips will surely get you better returns.

1. You should always explore different investment strategies before choosing one, like:

  • Traditional Buy to let, in which an investor purchases a property which they then let out to tenants to generate an income regularly.
  • Houses Of Multiple Occupancy is similar to the traditional system, but in this, each room is let by a different tenant.
  • Rent To Rent the purpose of this investment can be anything, but this investment doesn’t require a lot of investment; also, it doesn’t provide you with an asset. In this, you rent a property and let it out to tenants or guests after adding value to it. This strategy is probably one of the best strategies to get high returns.

2. Have a proper understanding of the properties before investing:

  • Knowing the rules of the property market is crucial before you start property investment in UK. There are a lot of legalities regarding tenant stays, property ownership, lease and more. You should know it all.
  • Everything has a right time, and so makes property investment. Even the wrong things done at the right time gives you higher returns so if you invest in property at the right time that is after observing and knowing about the market trends, you will get higher returns.

3. Have a Tap on your risks when you start property investment in UK:

  • You should not think that property has no risks. But there are chances that properties are less risky than any other asset investment or investment.
  • One of the significant risks is property prices can decrease or increase accounting to the state of the market, which is volatile.
  • So you should always go for extensive research to find out the risks involved and try to cater to all.

4. Always try to figure out your tenants:

  • “Target Audience”: Just like any other business, investing in property should be done by keeping in mind your target tenants or guests.
  • Needs of the tenants should be kept in mind before choosing the property.
  • The property which you are investing in should be in favour of the tenants in terms of locality, type, space, landmarks, services and so on.

5. Grow up to a limit until you don’t get perished:

  • Property price growth is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to invest in property.
  • To get a better understanding, you should research about property price growth predictions.
  • Always have an ‘Exit strategy’ which is when an investor puts a plan in place and further decides whether to sell their buy to let properties later in life.
  • To ensure that you have got all the profit possible. It’s essential to establish an exit strategy before investing.

6. Always look for the best location to invest in:

  • First of all, understand what is crucial for you.
  • There are many properties available for sale in the UK but first is essential to understand the location you want, keeping in mind the target tenant. Read our detailed blog on How to find the perfect property for Service Accommodations
  • Research about the location, try to find out about the “the rental yields on offer, the level of demand, the potential of capital growth.”

7. Most investors want to get tenants as soon as possible, here is how:

  • To get good tenants, you need to have the best properties.
  • Your marketing should be practical and impactful.
  • Look for a property with stylish decor or refurbish to make it look attractive or modern.
  • The more features you have, the better tenants you get.

8. High Rental Yields means High Cash Flow:

  • High rental yield means a high supply of tenants in that particular locality or area.
  • And this can be done if you keep in mind the target and their needs in your property.
  • For example, if your target tenants are students, then you should always find locations where there are universities, colleges and public transport. And definitely with multi-purpose furniture to cater to all their needs.

9. Strategies of management should align with your property type:

  • It can be provided as a service in which a management company runs specific day-to-day tasks for property investors.
  • This can be perfect for investors who don’t want to adhere to the functional needs of the property.
  • They are the best value addition to your investment; it attracts tenants and retains them.

10. Always go for Due Diligence:

  • Be vigilant and take the right decision.
  • Be sure about your instincts.
  • Always visit the property taking pictures and videos is crucial as there might be issues you don’t spot right away ,
  • Do the reiki of the entire neighbouring area of the property.
  • Research about the history of the property.
  • Find out about the neighbourhood and research about the socio-cultural aspect as well.

In this blog, we shared specific tips and strategies that can help you in property investing. You should always follow these tips before investing in any property. These steps or rather tips should be kept in mind at the time of planning the investment as that’s the most crucial period before execution. You can also enroll in free property investment courses to learn more about the UK property market.

We hope this blog helps you to get some clarity regarding property investment and helps you with your chores.


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