5 Best Weymouth Serviced Accommodations in 2022

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Weymouth has recently gained great recognition for building new homes quickly to accommodate the state’s shifting demographics and expanding economy.

Real estate in Weymouth makes for a great investment as Weymouth continues to draw families. Families are drawn to Weymouth’s housing stock, easy access to transit, first-quality medical facilities, and excellent open spaces and parks. 

The town continues to be a thriving community as it draws in new residents and flourishing businesses.

Therefore, investing in Weymouth serviced accommodations can get you high returns. If you wish to know more about Weymouth rental apartments, the perks of investing in a rental house in Weymouth, and more, keep reading. 

Key takeaways: 

  • An investor can choose from several serviced apartment types in Weymouth, depending on the budget. 
  • Investing in self-catering accommodation in Weymouth can get you a high return on investment. 
  • Short-term rentals in Weymouth are the new ‘it’ thing. 

Serviced Apartments Weymouth


Serviced apartments are abundant in Weymouth. Here are the top 5 types of serviced apartments in Weymouth you should consider investing in: 

  1. Aparthotel 

An aparthotel in Weymouth extends on-site management by incorporating amenities often found in a hotel. The added facilities may include a gym, bar, concierge services, a receptionist, and a property manager.

Aparthotel is the ideal option if you want to make a big investment. Investing in an aparthotel comes with various advantages, such as:

  • Attractive fixed return 
  • The investor is not exposed to any risks related to hotel management, including upkeep
  • Aparthotel rooms generate consistent earnings, providing the same ownership security as conventional real estate.
  1. Residential serviced flat 

Some serviced accommodations are located in mostly residential buildings. Like the other units in the building, the serviced apartment often has the same amenities. Residential serviced flats are intended for long-term stays. 

Since Weymouth is largely preferred by families, investing in a residential serviced accommodation in Weymouth, UK, can fetch you great profits. The longevity of the tenants’ stay also ensures a stable source of income. 

  1. Single property 

This kind of serviced apartment, housed in a single building, seeks to offer maximum seclusion for travellers’ lodging. Although they can be complete houses, they are still known as serviced apartments.

Investing in a single property allows you full ownership of the place. Since you are the sole authority, you can create rules and regulations. Investing in a single property allows you to rent out the place as you may please without seeking approval from the apartment management. 

  1. On-site managed serviced apartment

Weymouth apartments for holiday rentals are the most popular type of investment. If you fear wear and tear caused by tenants in the long term, offering your apartment to tourists for a short period is the ideal option for you. 

However, you can offer two types of serviced apartment facilities: on-site managed and off-site managed serviced apartments. The on-site managed serviced apartments require you to provide the renters with a receptionist and a property manager. 

  1. Off-site managed serviced apartment 

The tenants can typically obtain keys from a safety deposit box at an off-site managed serviced apartment, which lacks on-site staff. Both on-site and off-site serviced apartments have their distinctive advantages. 

While investing in an off-site serviced apartment is cheaper, investing in an on-site serviced apartment ensures your property is well-maintained.  

Self-Catering Accommodation in Weymouth

Private self-catering homes are currently the travel accommodation of choice for more vacationers in Weymouth. The primary reasons are ease, adaptability, room, and a setting that feels like home. 

Families that do not want to feel constrained by meal times and meal options or spend a week pent up in a hotel room are particularly fond of such vacation rentals. 

With more and more people opting for self-catering accommodation in Weymouth, investing in it can be a great option for people seeking to make property investments. 

High return on investment, lucrative tax-relief options, and the flexibility of being your boss are among the many advantages of investing in self-catering accommodation in Weymouth.   

Short-term Rentals in Weymouth


As has been iterated earlier, short-term rentals in Weymouth can be very lucrative from an investor’s point of view. However, you need to keep certain points in mind to generate expected profits. 

Here are some tips and tricks to remember while investing in short-term rentals in Weymouth:

  1. Benefit from tax deductions

Reducing your overhead expenses, which includes using any tax benefits and credits you may be entitled to, is one approach to boosting your profits. 

For instance, you can write off all the costs associated with your serviced accommodation, which can assist reduce your tax obligation. These costs might include any remodeling work, the new towels you buy for your visitors, etc.

  1.  Regular maintenance 

Guests of short-term rentals want the place to be clean and well-maintained, unlike conventional tenants responsible for tidying up the rental property. Maintaining a pristine rental property will lead to positive ratings and increased reservations.

  1. Research your guests 

Conducting a screening of your potential guests is the need of the hour. With a proper background check, you may avoid having bad guests. 

If you wish to rent your property for the short term without taking the hassle of maintenance and screening probable tenants, you can get in touch with one of the established agencies in Weymouth. 

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