BRRR Method in UK (Buy Refurbish Refinance Rent Repeat)

So what is BRRR property strategy?​

The aim with the BRRRR strategy is to renovate the property to higher standard than reportage or resell it at its higher value.

General rule that every £1 you spend on the refurb you should get £3 back!

Does it sound exiting?

It’s not everything!

If you are new to brrrr investments, then some questions might come to your mind like

1. How to get a property for free?
2. How am I going to add value and increase the price?
3. Is BRRRR method risky?
4. How do I start the BRRRR method?

Fear not we are here to answer all those questions

How to Find BRRR Properties in UK?

We can help to find your BRRR properties in UK at discounted price with adding value opportunity.

We can further increase value of the BRR property by adding or creating extra rooms like changing lay outs or doing side or back extension to the property.

The BRR method further increases the value and it will even allow you to pull all your money back from the deal you have invested initially including your deposit and all other costs as well.

This essentially means that you can have a property for free which will generate cash flow forever!

How Do I Start the (Buy Refurbish Refinance Rent Repeat) BRRR Method?

If you are interested in starting BRR investments, we will help you get started. Pluxa Property has been ranked as one of the ‘Best Property Investment Companies in the UK’. Our property investment experts will guide you to kickstart your BRRR property strategy and help you make a steady cash flow.

Please have a look at our portfolio and get in touch with our property investment consultants by filling the form  if you are interested to learn more!

You can then book a 1-2-1 strategic call session with one of our property experts to walk you through your options and the most suitable BRRR investment strategy for your goals and criteria or how to join to our VIP investor list.

Are you not sure or ready just yet then download our free eBook about how to get a property for free at the top of the right corner.

Build up your Buy to Let portfolio with us via our exclusive bespoke VIP investor system where we do the works and you invest!

Check out this before and after video that we did for one of clients.

When only the best property services are needed, choose our Birmingham-based property investment company for efficient property sourcing.

How we find the best property deals for you for free?

You have no experience or time to find the right deal?

Is the market too tough and time consuming to do it yourself? What is Property Sourcing?

Property sourcing or deal sourcing is the type of service where you can hire property sourcing companies to find the best property deals suitable to your criteria for you but with no other extra service.

Finding good property deals can be very time consuming and requires knowledge and experience as well. Negotiating with real estate agents or finding direct to vendor deals are even harder especially in hot markets like the current UK one.

That is why an experienced property deal sourcing company can help you to bridge this for you.

How Much Does Property Deal Sourcing Cost?

Average property sourcing fees is £3000 it can be more or less, depending on the type of deal you hire us for, but our fees can be saved on the deal we are negotiating for you.

We can negotiate a discount or/and finding the right property at the right location with the right opportunity of adding value which will essentially increase your profit / ROI therefore our fee will be £0 for you.

Do you want to know more about this type of service or do you want to join to our exclusive VIP investor list? Just fill the form at the bottom of the page or call us/send us an email.

Are you not sure or ready just yet then download our free ebook about how to get a property deal for free at the top of the right corner.

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re expanding your buyer’s portfolio, the team at Pluxa Property Ltd can help locate the prime locations to invest in Birmingham.

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