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R2SA Property Investment – Generate Higher Rental Income

Why start a Rent to serviced accommodation business?

  • A Solid Property Strategy with Minimum Investments
  • Monthly cash flow of £1k with only £10k investment.
  • Achieve £100k + over 3 years from only £30k investment?
  • Build up your rent to serviced accommodation portfolio with no experience and time required.

A lot of people think property investment in UK is very expensive and only for rich people, right? It requires huge capital minimum of £50k + mortgage then we will only achieve £200-£400 monthly cash flow?

Not at all!

It doesn’t need to be like that and you are in the right place to discover how to build up your cash flow property portfolio with no experience or huge capital required.

We are the biggest exclusive rent to rent SA portfolio building property investment company in the UK with over 100 R2SA properties in our portfolio.

We are serving smaller (1 unit) up to bigger (20-30 units) investors as well and we are working with everyone closely via our VIP system which is unparalleled in the UK property market.

We are much more than a property deal packaging company, we essentially build your portfolio together by doing so, we will achieve our goal of becoming the biggest serviced accommodation provider in the whole UK property market and internationally as well.

Why start your rent to serviced accommodation business (R2SA) with us?

We are in the luxury corporate and holiday let industry with our sister company Pluxa Serviced Apartments where we manage and deal with all the start to end tasks like bookings, enquiries, maintenance and cleaning tasks as well. We have a 24/7 guest support, our own security company and all-inclusive luxury packages available to our guests.

We beat our competition by providing better services for higher price mark-ups rather than giving bigger discounts, therefore we are able to generate high cash flow for our clients and ourselves as well.

A Solid Property Strategy with Minimum Investments

Short-term tenants that will stay for a few days, and can pay a bit more for a quick in and out. These customers don’t mind paying a little more for a taste of luxe, as these people are just there to unwind or for quick errands in town.

Long-term contracts are where you can secure maximum occupancy. Corporate firms always need serviced accommodation for their employees. You have to offer bundled rates that look attractive online. If you don’t mind charging a bit less, companies will take up your bundle price as it makes monetary sense to get a good deal for one of their fixed costs.

Pluxa Property is built by a team of property investment experts who have revolutionised the real estate landscape with their knowledge and business acumen. Put your savings towards securing future income by choosing us as your go-to property investors.

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How to Start a R2SA Business

Our VIP investor system allows our investors to join and also get the opportunity to invest in serviced accommodation or R2SA with us while also acquiring complete hands-off services which includes the following benefits:

1. Sourcing the right property in the best location in the city

2. Setting up the property

3. Refurbishing and redecorating with modern fixtures and furnishings

4. Marketing the property on all the platforms to keep the booking up to almost 100%

All our VIP investors need to do in this case is keep a tab

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