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As experts in accommodation and portfolio sourcing, we’re able to work with clients across the UK, focusing on Birmingham, West Midlands.  When only the best property servcies is needed, choose our Birmingham-based property investment company for efficient property sourcing . The team at Pluxa Property Ltd also specialise in Rent2Rent and Rent to serviced accommodation for investors.

Whether this is your first unit or you’re looking to make your portfolio more manageable, we can take care of everything for you. Typically, this work is time- and money-consuming, and this is why we’re here to take all the pressure from your shoulders.

We are one of the best property sourcing company in and around Birmingham. Contact us now to learn more.

An Excellent Portfolio of Property Sourcing and Deal Packaging Services

Pluxa Property offers property sourcing and deal packaging services to serious property investors who are on the lookout to invest in the UK property market. We make sure that we source the best property deals available not only in Birmingham but also from other parts of the country!

We have worked with some of the most successful property investors in the UK. Most of the investors are already receiving high cash flow from their investments and are considering to invest in more properties already.

Although, deal sourcing and packaging in property investment is not a rocket science, however when investors wish to make an investment with the sole purpose of getting high cash flow, that’s where our expertise and experience comes in. We have already helped several investors achieve their goals and we continue to do so everyday!

Get in touch with us today to get started. As we have our own portfolio, you can see the work we’ve completed previously. This shows that we can get the best deal for you, and we even manage your units, tenants, or whatever else you need.

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What We Do

As a company, we offer simple sourcing for the right property for you. Our fees and deals are bespoke to you, and our services can include:

✓ Finding a Property

✓ Refurbishment

✓ Resell or Rent

✓ Dealing with Agents and Solicitors

✓ Managing Tenants and Units

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